FAQ: What ought to I learn about Inexperienced Lake’s upcoming Complete Park & Outside Recreation Plan? | Information

FAQ: What should I know about Green Lake’s upcoming Comprehensive Park & Outdoor Recreation Plan? | News


What should I know about Green Lake’s upcoming Comprehensive Parks and Recreation Plan?


Parks & Recreation/Tree Board Advisor Elaine Houser developed the draft plan and presented it to city officials.

The plan aims to create a vision for parks and recreation by providing recommendations for the planning period between 2022 and 2026.

It also hopes to assist in applying for grants from the DNR, federal government and private entities, as Wisconsin communities must create and adopt a five-year parks and outdoor recreation plan to be eligible for state and federal grants and loans get.

The plan will set goals for park maintenance, park development, partnership and communication, and management.

The draft stated that these goals include maintaining and upgrading park facilities, developing park facilities to meet recreation needs, continuing partnerships with recreation providers in the area, and providing efficient and fiscal management of parks and recreation services.

“The goals and objectives are broad enough to encompass the needs of local residents, elected officials, Park & ​​Rec/Tree Board members and staff, while considering available resources,” Houser said.

In addition, the city creates a five-year action plan with a list of projects and a project schedule.

Items in the draft action plan include:

  • Maintaining and improving Playground Park, Hattie Sherwood Beach, Hattie Sherwood Campground, Deacon Mills Park, Friday Club Park, Lake Street Sports Complex and future dog park, Highknocker Trail Park, Daycholah Park and the Canal Street Boat launch;

  • Increase staffing levels by leveraging regional and national staffing best practices for parkland and facility development;

  • using technology to improve maintenance and operations;

  • Establish a formal volunteer program to record hours and provide an annual recognition program.

  • And set up a Friends of the Park program that can culminate in a foundation for nonprofit grant funding opportunities.

“This part of the plan is really in a draft format because — while we’ve listed some things that are obviously there — after the public open house and survey, we may need to go back and review that again,” Houser said.

What this means for you:

Stressing the importance of community feedback, Houser noted that the city is working on a survey for residents of Green Lake and the City of Brooklyn.

An online poll has been announced and will be posted to the city’s website later this month for residents to participate and provide feedback. In addition, there will be citywide open houses at Green Lake High School on Wednesday, April 6th and Sunday, April 10th.

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