Favofit a Chinese language Amazon Vendor making fraudulent Claims.


Favofit an Amazon top seller of a climbing carabiner has been removed from the “theuiaa.org” because they didn’t pay for the certification.

Amazon choose to ignore all requests and reports from the UIAA, even to the point that Amazon’s own online chat sales just said. “it looks good with so many reviews.”

Putting people’s safety at risk for a product not fit for the purpose is unethical. The listing shows clearly an expired certificate and you can’t find them anymore on https://theuiaa.org/safety/

We urge readers to report their listing as incorrect, maybe then Amazon will do something about it. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07PQHBGSH

As noted in some of the last 1-star comments, I would recommend giving these a like, so customers are not fooled.