Final ‘Friday The 13th’ Expertise: Tenting Occasion At Filming Location


Friday the 13th is an iconic horror franchise. This summer you can have the ultimate viewing experience, cinema on the set is hosting an event and screening of Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason lives in the camp where the movie was filmed, Hard Labor Creek, also known as Camp Crystal Lake.

ON SET CINEMA is heading to Camp Crystal Lake on July 1-3 and 3-5, 2022 for a very special event! Go camping and see Jason Lives at Hard Labor Creek State Park (aka Camp Crystal Lake…aka Camp Forest Green) in Rutledge, Georgia, where most of the movie was actually filmed!

That’s not all, actor Thomas Mathews (aka Tommy) will be a special guest at this event! This is his first return to Camp Crystal Lake since filming began over 36 years ago. He will be signing autographs, taking photos with fans on the pier, providing Q&A prior to the screening and giving a tour of the filming locations.

You can see where Sheriff Mike Garris gets completely bent in half by Jason, take a walk on the pier where Officer Thornton gets an arrow in the forehead, hang out in the cabin where Sissy gets yanked out the window and her head twisted off and swim in the actual lake where Tommy fights Jason during the film’s climactic ending!

Fans will enjoy a full summer camp weekend – camping in a shared cabin with bunk beds, games (egg toss, corn hole, tug of war, board games, video games and more), campfires with friends, roasting marshmallows and s’ customs, watching VHS horror movies on tube TVs, Swimming and canoeing at Crystal Lake and of course an outdoor show by Jason Lives at the lake!

💀 OPTION #1 (ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE – VERY LIMITED TICKETS STILL!): Friday 1st July – Sunday 3rd July 2022, with Special Guest Thom Mathews (Tommy)

💀 OPTION #2 (STANDARD PRICE): Sunday 3rd July – Tuesday 5th July 2022

Visit the website for more information. Get your tickets now before they sell out!

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