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1155 South Big Bend Boulevard, 314-862-1188

Second: Mike’s bikes
324 North Euclid Avenue, 314-875-0080

Local comedian Kathleen Madigan once described St. Louis as “a city that drinks beer, smokes cigarettes, and eats meat. We’re so unhealthy that my youngest sister moved to Seattle and when she got there she saw everyone on bikes and she just assumed they were all drunk driving.” OK, we’re not known for being the healthiest city of the country, but we are passionate about our outdoor activities. How else do you explain all the parks, miles of bike trails, and remote recreation areas that people visit every summer? We’re also a city that loves our sport. The Cardinals and the Blues are part of the beating heart of the city, and we’ll be adding the returning Battlehawks (or whatever our XFL team name ends up being) and St. Louis City SC to the mix. And while some of us enjoy the outdoors more than others, you can still unwind indoors, with options ranging from bowling to pinball to darts. So for those of you who ride bikes even if you don’t have a DUI, this list is for you. – Rosalind early

Scott Rovak/Getty Images/Courtesy St Louis Blues

Robert Thomas.

Hokey is often a blob of blue and white on the ice at Enterprise Center, but if you see skates flashing as the puck sinks into the net, they likely belong to Robert Thomas. Thomas, who was a breakthrough star last year, scored a rousing 20 goals during his time on the ice, cementing his place as the Blues’ best hope for the future. The Canadian-born forward, who has just signed an eight-year contract, boasts a great shot on goal and an eye on the puck, which is proving to be an integral part of both defense and offense. General manager Doug Armstrong compared the signing of a long-term deal to previous signings he’d received from Alex Pietrangelo and Vladimir Tarasenko. We hope that Thomas will also lead the team to the Stanley Cup. – Jenna Jones

Centene Stadium.

Monika Obradovic

Centene Stadium.

This one was difficult to choose. I mean, where can we find a new stadium in St. Louis? How a new stadium that could potentially transform St. Louis, revitalize an overlooked part of downtown and house a world-class sports team? We had to dig, but in the end we settled on the $457.8 million, 22,500-seat stadium being built in Downtown West that is already transforming the neighborhood. You know, the one that will be home to St. Louis’ newest professional sports team – St. Louis City SC. Centene Stadium (2100 Market Street), slated to open in 2023, will house the 28th Major League Soccer franchise and the first in St. Louis in America’s top flight. It will also be a hard-hitting stadium where no fan will be more than 120 feet from the field. Local artist Muhammad “Mvstermind” Austin is responsible for the matchday music and will put together a fan-curated playlist. All of these things point to one of the most intimate, loudest and funniest football experiences in the country. Centene Stadium will be loud, it will be all ours – and we can’t wait. -Benjamin Simon

Blueberry Hill Dart League poses in front of dartboards

Courtesy of Blueberry Hill

Blueberry Hill Dart League.

Late night on the loop. You’re not done drinking yet, but feel like restraint. Where are you going? Our answer is Blueberry Hill (6504 Delmar, University City; 314-727-4444) and while you order a drink at the bar, ask for darts too. They’ll give you some steel-tipped doozies because Blueberry Hill isn’t afraid of drunk people throwing spiked bullets. Head over to the Dart Room with its four boards (one is usually open), ask someone how to score (Oh, you know how to score a game of darts? Well, excuse us!) and start throwing. It’s a great way to meet people (see: How to Hold Points Questions), and you might get the thrill of throwing a few Bulls Eyes. If you are a true darts champion, Blueberry Hill has a darts league and hosts the oldest and largest pub darts tournament in North America. Whether you’re just hanging out with friends when your main purpose is drinking, or hitting the triple ring blindfolded, this is a good place to play. – Rosalind early

Pinball machine in Up-Down St. Louis


Up down St.Louis.

Pinball, the classic arcade game invented in 1930 and widely associated with the ’80s (along with Pac-Man and Frogger), is back in fashion. For proof, head to Up-Down St. Louis (405 North Euclid Avenue, 314-449-1742), an arcade bar in the Central West End. Most nights, you’ll find hordes of millennials and older Gen Zers crowding around the bar’s three pinball machines, $6 worth of cider in hand. The machines have enough flashing lights, metal springs, and neon paint to spoil your night vision for a few minutes. Up-Down also features over 60 additional arcade games to fuel ’80s and ’90s childhood nostalgia, including Skee-Ball, Dance Dance Revolution, and Mortal Kombat. – Olivia Poolos

SK8 Liborius

Courtesy of Mission Taco Joint

SK8 Liborius.

St. Louis’ best place of worship just keeps getting better. Fans of SK8 Liborius (1850 Hogan Street, no phone) have long known that it’s one of the best places in town to drop off your skateboard in the service of the Lord (Dark or not), thanks to the work that made the 133- year-old church into the stunning and fully skateable work of art it is today. Now, even non-skaters are encroaching on the city’s architectural marvels. That’s in part due to a partnership with Mission Taco Joint, whose Frontside Grind Taco donates a portion of its proceeds to the nonprofit organization behind the “Skate Church.” This money will help the SK8 Liborius team, which includes skaters, current and former members of the Cassilly crew that built the City Museum, and volunteers who support the church’s mission around an arts, music, and education center called Liborius Urban Art Studios have expanded. This is welcome news for the burgeoning St. Louis Place neighborhood – news that residents, artists and skateboarders alike feel truly blessed to hear. – Daniel Huegel

Three people step on bowling balls in a bowling alley at Epiphany Bowling Lanes

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Epiphany bowling lanes

Tucked away on the grounds of the Epiphany of Our Lord Catholic Parish, Epiphany Bowling Lanes (3164 Ivanhoe Avenue, 314-781-8684) is a small, no-fuss eight-lane bowling alley. It’s clean but dated (PIN retrieval sometimes gets stuck because the system doesn’t seem to have been updated since the early days). But it’s hard not to love a place that has weekly league nights with tables plastered on the walls and affordable party rentals. Bring your friends over and order some of the surprisingly good pizzas and t-ravs – and beer or a wine cooler if you’re so inclined. This is a place that takes bowling back to its roots: a cheap activity that doubles as an excuse to drink beer. Open bowling times are limited; Call ahead to inquire about your options. – Rosalind early

Jadier Molina.

Billy Hurst/St. Louis Cardinals

Jadier Molina.

Urban breathing yoga.

Courtesy of Urban Breath Yoga

Urban breathing yoga.

2812 Sutton Boulevard, Maplewood; 314-309-3749

Second Place: Brick City Yoga
2758 Wyoming Street, 314-802-8770