Finest Canine Gear for Tenting, Climbing, and Out of doors Journey

Finest Canine Gear for Tenting, Climbing, and Out of doors Journey

Taking your pet on trips is a great way to bond with your adventure pup, but you need to make sure you have the right canine gear for camping, hiking, fishing, and more. Just like the right essentials keep you comfortable, well-fed, and prepared for the unexpected, it’s also specialty dog ​​gear for camping and outdoor adventures.

From sleeping bags and life jackets to multipurpose leashes and goggles, there’s a whole range of cool gear specifically designed to help your dog get the most out of any outdoor experience. We’ve selected some of the latest products to follow every adventure.

Best dog gear for camping, hiking and outdoor adventures

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1. Wilderdog sleeping bag

Durable and water-resistant on the outside, soft and micro-fluffy on the inside, the Wilderdog dog sleeping bag helps you get a good night’s sleep by giving your dog their own space that’s cozy and warm without being restrictive. The sleeping bag opens flat and closes with a three-quarter zip for your pup to snuggle inside. Loops for hanging the bag for drying and airing. And when not in use, the extra short sleeping bag can be stowed away in a pack sack.


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The Whyld River dog sleeping system combines three cozy parts in one.Image courtesy

2. Whyld River Dog Bag

This three-in-one travel cot, quilt and sleeping bag will keep your dog comfy on cold nights. The quilt is filled with synthetic insulation and attached to a durable base that offers plenty of opportunities to stick a head or paw out. Fit it to your curled up pup and slide a pad into the base for extra insulation.

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Keep your dog close and safe outdoors with the Kurgo Dog County Harness.Image courtesy

3. Kurgo RSG Dog County Harness

The Kurgo backcountry-ready dog ​​harness’ Molle and Velcro attachment system allows for the attachment of panniers, a hydration pouch, a treat dispenser, a first aid kit and more. The base harness has a padded back and wide chest to distribute weight and minimize strain. Dual haul handles give you the option to grab your pup in case you need to give a boost.

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Your dog will never stray far when using the Garmin Alpha dog tracking system in the wild.Image courtesy

4. Garmin Alpha 10 tracker and TT15X collar

Losing a dog on the trail is stressful. Garmin’s compact Alpha 10 tracker and TT15X collar keep an eye on your pup as he takes off. With a nine-mile range, the Alpha is a phone-compatible GPS that also shows your dog’s exact location and can retrieve it remotely. The TT15X collar has an 80-hour battery life and easy-to-see LEDs.

[Alpha 10 Tracker, $400;]

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Hitch hiker leash by RuffwearImage courtesy

5. Ruffwear Hitch Hiker Leash

The most innovative dog leash on the market, Ruffwear’s Hitch Hiker is a 12ft leash for your pup that packs into a mini hip pack. When you want to give your dog room to roam, squeeze the belay-like cam mechanism to release the leash. And when you need to get Rover back to base, pull the cord, which locks into an automatic belay device like a climbing rope.


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6. Fable Magic Link Leash

The Magic Link was designed to offer a range of options to attach your dog to you to keep them safe and secure. The Magic Link can be worn as a belt or shoulder strap, used as a wrist strap and easily converted into a slip-on collar with leash, or simply as a traditional leash that you attach to a collar or harness. It’s made with an industrial-grade cable that’s waterproof, mildewproof, and strong – it’s rated to withstand up to 350 pounds of pull. High-quality, matt black aluminum hardware sets the scene for the nine available colors.


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The Ruffwear Float Coat keeps your dog swimming high and having fun in the water.Image courtesy

7. Ruffwear swimming coat

The Ruffwear Float Coat, a buoyant harness/life jacket, helps your dog feel safe and confident in the water while putting you in total control. The foam-filled life jacket has an adjustable neck and easy-to-use buckles that won’t irritate your pup, and a sturdy carry handle for lifting your dog out of the water. The well-padded jacket will easily keep a 75lb dog afloat – attach a light to the loop at the back to make your pup visible in low light.


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8. Rex Specifications V2

Rex Specs curved lens goggles protect your dog’s corneas from snow blindness and irritants like insects, dust, sand and wind so they can accompany you on adventures in comfort. The goggle comes with easily interchangeable clear and smoke lenses and has a better fit, greater stability, a wider field of vision, a more streamlined design and a greater range of motion than previous versions. There is a learning curve and your dog will look like an astronaut wearing them, but they work.


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Keep your dog hydrated no matter how far away the location is with the Vapor EZ Lick Bottle.Image courtesy

9. Vapur EZ Leak Bottle

Save the water you carry with Vapurs 0.7 oz. BPA-free wide-mouth “bottle protector”. Flip open the dust cap of the three-layer bottle and an oversized roller reminiscent of a gerbil water bottle lets your dog get a drink without drips or spills. An integrated clip holds it comfortably and the roller detaches for cleaning. And when the dishwasher-safe bottle expires, it folds up to take up less room in your backpack. Also available in a pet and owner pack of two.


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Keep an eye on your dog in the dark with the Nite Ice LED Dog Collar.Image courtesy

10. Nite Ize LED collar

Make your dog visible for six hours with this ultra bright collar from Nite Ize. Push a button to glow or flash, and two ultra-bright LEDs illuminate an integrated optical fiber that’s consistently bright and easy to spot around the dog’s neck. The rest of the time, the highly water-repellent collar with metal belt buckle is chafe-resistant, secure, and an all-round great collar. The collar charges in 1.25 hours via micro USB.


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Keep all your dog essentials close at hand with the Orvis Chuckwagon Dog Tote.Image courtesy

11. Orvis Tough Trail Chuckwagon Dog Bag

Keep your pup organized for his next playdate, car ride or visit to grandparents with Orvis’ Chuckwagon. With everything your dog needs in one place, you can grab the bag and go on spontaneous adventures without forgetting a thing. The Cordura Eco Carrier is equipped with the dog’s essentials when on the go – collapsible food and water bowls, a zippered food container held in place by removable inner dividers, and stretchy pockets for toys, medication and more. Poop pickup bags live on a dispenser cord in an outside pocket, while treats are easily accessible when stored in the outside pocket on the other side. The bag has a reinforced bottom that’s also water-resistant, and a zip opening makes everything inside easy to access.


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