Flooding a problem close to Tenting World Stadium


ORLANDO, Fla. – Before the hurricanes hit, it only took an afternoon storm to flood some of the streets around Camping World Stadium.

“When it rained, I started freaking out because I thought my car was going to get flooded,” said Thao Tran, who witnessed the flooding while on her way to the Red Hot Chili Peppers on Sept. 15. “So I drove to that area and it was a little higher up.”

what you need to know

  • Motorists say flooded roads can make access to Camping World Stadium difficult
  • An Orlando spokesman said the roads near the venue are fairly flat
  • The city will consider adding more intakes to help with drainage, the spokesman said

An afternoon storm made it difficult to get to the venue, particularly near Norton Avenue and South Street.

“This whole area of ​​South Street was flooded, so the cars couldn’t go,” Tran said. “The parking lots were flooded. Nobody could get in.”

As a concert-goer, she said she wants to make sure floods like this don’t affect her plans next time she goes to Camping World Stadium.

“There’s an infrastructure issue here where the water in that area isn’t draining as intended,” Tran said.

A spokesman for the city of Orlando said the area is fairly flat and has lower elevations than surrounding streets, which could cause flooding problems.

City public works workers will evaluate the potential to add more stormwater pick-ups along South Street and Norton Avenue to cope with heavy rainfall, the spokesman said.

Tran and her husband were able to enjoy the concert and felt very “on-brand” when they got to their seats, she said.

“It’s like typical red hot chili peppers — wet, sweaty,” Tran joked. “Yeah, it was crazy. It was still a great concert.”

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