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four Issues You Can Deliver Truck Tenting That You Can’t Match Automobile Tenting


I love truck camping. It’s like car camping, only you can reach more places and bring a more comfortable camping setup. If you’re trying to decide between car camping or truck camping, let me remind you of these five things you probably won’t have room for when car camping.

1. A truck bed mattress

truck camping | Dusty Barnes via Unsplash

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A luxurious aspect of camping with your truck is using the truck bed as a bed. Sleeping directly on your duvet is not very comfortable, so I would suggest bringing an air mattress. If you’d rather have a folding mattress, the folks at TakeTheTruck.com recommend the Milliard Tri-Fold Memory Foam Mattress. cuddly!

Some people go all the way with a slide-in RV with a bed. I definitely see the appeal. Cost and weight are both an issue. But if you want to throw a mattress in your truck bed, you should at least consider a truck canopy. Otherwise, you might end up sleeping under your truck instead of in bed when it rains.

2. Ring of Fire

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I have a confession: Solo sells metal fire rings, but sent me a free one. I took it truck camping and liked it so much that I was inspired to write this article. Even a portable ring is big enough to throw in a few logs and get a good campfire going. Check local guidelines, but these are often safer and easier than digging your own pit.

I’ve also seen people build their own rings of fire by cutting the top of a metal drum. If you want to let off some steam, you can even have a welder install a grill grate halfway across the opening!

3. Outdoor toys

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Is mountain biking your outdoor passion? How about boating? It might even be driving ATVs. You have much more space for outdoor toys when you camp by truck. Would you rather have the whole family sitting bored at camp all day? Or would you rather everyone bring their mountain bike and spend the day exploring local trails?

4. Awning and camping table

Jay Miller via Unsplash

You can make your campsite as cozy as a living room when you camp by truck. There are a number of camping awnings that you can attach to a truck ladder rack or roof tent. They offer shelter during a rainstorm or just a break from the midday sun. Real camping pros also bring mosquito nets to their awning, creating a safe haven without annoying insects.

Why stop at one awning? A folding camping table or two and folding chairs for the whole family transform your awning into a meeting place. You might be able to shove a folding table that is too small in the trunk of your car, but the table you can fit in your truck gives you a lot more space.

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