‘Free Solo’ Star Alex Honnold Is Coming to Disney+ With a Climbing Docuseries


Alex Honnold is climbing again, this time for a National Geographic Disney + documentary series.

The streaming service has given the three-part On the Edge with Alex Honnold the green light on the theme of the Oscar-winning Free Solo. In doing so, he begins a lifelong dream: an epic climbing journey over the most remote and hardest walls and peaks in Greenland.

Not only will this challenge exceed his physical limits, but Honnold will also meet with the scientists working on the forefront of climate change and witness the effects of the rapid melting – 300 billion tons of Greenland ice disappeared in 2020. He and his team will encounter intimidating icebergs, dangerous moulins (sinkholes on glaciers), difficult rockfalls and ice storms as they explore. Honnold’s ultimate test will be Peak 3342, which is so far unclimbed and is one of the highest peaks in Greenland, with more exposed rock and less snow and ice.

“I’ve always wanted to climb in Greenland – it has some of the most remote and epic walls in the world. But it is also hugely affected by climate change, ”Honnold said in a statement. “I’m really excited about the opportunity to explore climbing while sharing some of the local effects of climate change with a global audience. Our changing climate is humanity’s greatest problem and I hope this will help inspire people to act. “

Honnold is a professional adventure climber whose free solo ascents of America’s greatest cliffs have made him one of the most famous and most followed climbers in the world.

On the Edge with Alex Honnold is produced by Plimsoll Productions for National Geographic. James Smith, Martha Holmes, Grant Mansfield and Saul Goldberg are executive producers for Plimsoll Productions. At National Geographic, Bengt Anderson is executive producer and vice president of production and Alan Eyres is senior vice president of production and development.


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