Free tenting registration now closed


Seguin ISD celebrates the interest in enjoying the great outdoors

(Seguin) – In years past, the Seguin ISD may have had to crane its arms to get families to enjoy the great outdoors during their annual camping trip. This year, however, there was no problem filling all available places. Unfortunately for the rest of us there is a “waiting list for the waiting list”.

So says Pete Silvius, Seguin ISD Director of Whole Child Initiatives. Silvius says that because of its popularity, not only did they want to publicly announce that there were no more spots, but it was just as important to applaud Seguin ISD families for choosing to camp at nearby Garner State Park by Concan on 20. 22.

“We have had a wonderful partnership with Texas Parks and Wildlife for a number of years and due to the pandemic we have not been able to host any of our family camping events. They recently reopened the program to us and invited us back so this was one of the first opportunities we were able to put together to make it possible for Seguin families again and it was very popular again. I think our waiting list is actually full now. We’re really excited about this and it just tells us that to accommodate more of these events, we need to get on schedule with parks and wildlife more often,” said Silvius.

Silvius says the free opportunity provided rental camping equipment, such as tents and cots, as well as a variety of fun camping activities for each family. He says it was an opportunity to learn the basic steps of camping without sacrificing amenities like toilets, hot showers, drinking water and electricity.

He says it basically gave Seguin ISD families a chance to try tent camping without having to buy the most basic camping gear.

He hopes events like this continue to bring local families outdoors.

“The pandemic has made us look closely at how our weekends are being used and spending time outdoors and healthy rest is pretty healthy for all of us and I believe the Seguin ISD has been for a number of years if not Decades ago, so we’re really pleased that so many families have jumped on board and are ready to get back to work, and I think we kind of expected that and we’ve heard about it from other people, and that this is part of the Wear it is really great. We’re really looking forward to it,” said Silvius.

Seguin ISD also thanks the Texas Outdoor Family program for their contribution to the annual camp. The programs provide the lanterns, stoves and fuel, a coffee press, pots, frying pan and utensils, and the six-person tent.