from amputation again to climbing


The video portrait of New Zealand rock climber Rachel Maia who after a climbing accident decided to have her lower left leg amputated.

When Rachel Māia was 16 years old, she broke her ankle at a local climbing wall. The injury she sustained  was so serious that after placing 4th in the Paraclimbing World Championships in both 2018 and 2019, and after 9 unsuccessful surgeries, she decided to have her lower left leg amputated. This in no way stopped her drive to continue climbing, on the contrary, and on the anniversary of her amputation she faced her inner demons and completed her first outdoor climb in 20 years.

What is more, the mother of three bubbly children – the eldest being one of  only 30 in the world with a rare chromosome special edition – has trained intensely in order to take part in the Paraclimbing World Cup that kicks off in Salt Lake City this weekend. Her incredible story is documented below.

Those wishing to find out more should check out her Instagram channel and possibly consider contributing to her dream of bringing home New Zealand’s first-ever medal in sport climbing.

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