Get a 21-piece Stanley tenting cookware set for 30% off at Amazon


Disposable tableware is terrible for the environment, and when you’re out in Mother Nature enjoying her beauty, it’s not a good idea to destroy her at the same time. Cookware poses an even trickier problem — you’re not exactly putting non-stick or your beautiful stainless steel pans on a campfire. Luckily, there’s a one-stop shop: Right now, you can pick up four place settings from Stanley’s dinner service for $63 instead of $90 — and it comes with a whole lot more than just plates.

The 21-piece set includes everything you need to cook around (and on) the campfire, even for people who like to make it a little tougher than baked potatoes. The largest piece is a 3.5 liter stainless steel pot that fits everything else: a 32 ounce skillet, a spatula and serving spoon, four bowls, four plates, a trivet, sporks, lids, a cutting board and a bowl . drying rack. Basically, it’s cooking in a pot – just add flames. Everything is really easy to clean, just use soap and warm water or a paper towel. When you get home, you can throw all the parts in the dishwasher for a more thorough disinfection.

Pick it up at Amazon while it’s still on sale for $27 off – the deal won’t be available tomorrow, so snag the set now so you have it on hand for spring.