Get these ready-made appetizers for events or tenting


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When organizing a get together, you don’t always have the opportunity to cook up side dishes as exciting as what’s in the oven or on the grill. Sure, you could throw something together, but you want your guests to be amazed by what you’re serving them, and there’s not always time to cook up another great dish. If you want a ready-made appetizer suitable for outdoor parties or even camping, consider serving up SeaBear’s 6-pack Ready-to-Eat Sampler with Recipe Book for sale for $40 (Reg. $52).

These fully cooked seafood delights are pre-packaged and ready to eat. A smoked redfish can take quite a while to get just right, or you could rip open a packet and have it on a cracker in seconds. Each six-pack includes servings of Redfish, Smoked Redfish, Pink, Lemon Pepper Pink, Smoked Idaho Trout, and Smoked Atlantic Belly. All of them are delicious and a great source of protein when you want a quick, healthy snack while enjoying the great outdoors.


Why waste time in the kitchen preparing appetizers when you can grab a plate and some crackers and have a gourmet dish in no time. “[The salmon] Flaked nicely with a fork, deliciously juicy and sooooo good on a cracker. Great addition to the cheese platter or appetizer. I love that it’s high in omega-3s and replaces baked or fried salmon,” says one Amazon reviewer. All you have to do is open one of the portable, refrigeration-free containers and serve. The fish is moist and there is no skin or bones to worry about. Serve it alongside a nice white wine and enjoy the company of friends outside.

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If you’re fishing for appetizer ideas, you might want to catch SeaBear’s 6-pack Ready-to-Eat Sampler with Recipe Book on sale for $40 (Reg. $52).

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