Girl tenting on West Facet Freeway says shelter system is ‘full’


She’s not a happy camper.

A middle-aged Eastern European woman who said she couldn’t get a place in the city’s overcrowded and terrible shelter system pitched a tent on the median of the West Side Highway near 12th Avenue and West 41st Street.

“Shelter is not good for me and full,” she told the Post.

The outdoor woman then yelled at the reporter in broken English and threatened to call the police.

“I’m getting the Supreme Court!” she threatened.

Twitter is already having a big day with Autobahn camp.

“You can’t beat the views of the Hudson River,” one tweeted. “Still beating Staten Island,” read another.

Others see this as a seriously bad omen.

“You tolerate one and get hundreds. This needs to be taken down immediately,” one person commented.

Residents say tents and vagrants along the freeway started early in the pandemic and have increased sharply this past summer — and the city is doing nothing about it.

The camper said the shelter was “not good” for her and “full”.Stefan Jeremiah for the New York Post

“I call it Whac-A-Mole because you see these tents being set up, cleared away, and then right back coming back,” said Jason Anderson, who tweeted a snap of the newest highway inhabitant. “It highlights a lack of enforcement legislation and the resulting urban disorder. It is one of many roadblocks preventing the city from returning to normal and feeling like 2019 again.”

Katie Hamill said Hell’s Kitchen has become such an epicenter of drugs, vagrancy and mental illness that “this woman is probably there because she feels safer between six lanes of traffic than on the street where she’s being attacked by mentally ill men with no shelter can .”

The urban camper has many neighbors at the pier and in nearby Riverside Park South.

Residents say tents have been popping up throughout the summer, but the city hasn’t intervened.Stefan Jeremiah for the New York Post

On Friday, The Post saw a homeless man returning to his makeshift shelter made of painter’s tarp held together with packing tape. Another man leaned back in a leatherette desk chair. A third stood on the riverbank, hunched over his shopping cart for almost an hour.

The city’s homeless services agency identified about 3,400 vulnerable people on Jan. 27, but advocacy groups like the Coalition for the Homeless believe that’s a significant undernumber.