‘Give that cat a bravery award’: Feline inspecting python climbing a constructing get a reco


One would not normally spot a python in residential areas and a cat coolly watching it. In a video, reportedly shot in Thailand and getting thousands of views, the large python can be seen scaling a building and the cat inching closer to the reptile without showing any fear.

People can spot the cat inspecting the python at 26 seconds into the 58-second video by YouTube channel ViralHog. “I couldn’t believe that the snake would climb so high,” the video was captioned by ViralHog.

The video was soon picked up by various social media accounts, surprising netizens all over the world.

Footage that shows a huge snake crawling over a high wall in Thailand has left viewers shocked. pic.twitter.com/hreqOYsug8

— Press TV (@PressTV) January 25, 2022

Commenting on this strange scene, a YouTube user wrote, “I was going to say “curiosity killed the cat”. However, upon closer observation, it looked like just another day where the master cat takes his pet snake for a stroll in the garden. I can’t understand why the neighbors are minding these animals business.” “Give that cat a bravery award,” another user commented.

The presence of wild animals in residential areas has become a problem globally. Earlier this month, nearly two meters long Indian rock python was seen crawling on the busy Seaport-Airport Road near Kalamassery in Kerala’s Kochi. Before that in December, a leopard went on the prowl in Uttar Pradesh‘s capital of Lucknow and injured several people before being caught after three days.