Gorpcore: The Outdoorsy Aesthetic Taking Over TikTok


A quick scroll on the hashtag #gorpcore on Instagram conjures up endless “fit” images, mostly of men hiking, camping and staring at bleak mountain landscapes for long periods of time. Fashion boys have dominated the outdoor look for a long time – until now.

Gone are the days of softshell jackets and hiking pants for men. The introduction of cargo skirts, brightly colored trainers and cropped down jackets from labels like The North Face, Patagonia and Arc’teryx (the pinnacle of Gorpcore) means brands are taking notice of a growing list of female clientele.

Gorpcore’s reputation as a solid aesthetic is gaining momentum now that women are claiming it as their own. It’s time.

“As a trend or a changing perspective on the functionality of garments in fashion, Gorpcore can serve as an entry point to explore the larger world of outdoor recreation for people who didn’t have access before,” Mariel Wiley, a Colorado-based photographer, tells Who What Wear. With one foot in fashion and the other in the rugged outdoors, Wiley says the biggest hurdle is that the “granola” people leave their dislike for fashion at the door (though sometimes, given fashion’s pollution problem seeing the sour taste in their mouth like people wear hiking boots for the gram makes sense.)