Governor Hochul Indicators Summer season Recreation Legislative Package deal Forward of July four Vacation Weekend


Gov. Kathy Hochul signed a summer recreation bill into law ahead of the July 4 bank holiday weekend. The legislative package includes laws that ensure proper regulation of summertime activities such as boat rentals, fishing and shellfish gathering for recreational purposes.

“As we prepare for the holiday weekend, I’m proud to be signing legislation to ensure summer activities like boating and fishing are safe and accessible to all New Yorkers,” said Governor Hochul. “I encourage New Yorkers and tourists alike to safely and responsibly enjoy all of the summertime activities that the Empire State has to offer. New York’s fisheries are a critical part of our ecosystem and this legislation will ensure that the Department of Environmental Conservation will continue to monitor its health.”

Legislation (S.8955/A.9978) expands the provisions allowing persons over the age of 18 to lease watercraft without a boat license provided they are supervised by operators. This legislation helps support our tourism industry by allowing operators to rent watercraft to people vacationing in New York.

Legislation (S.9302/A.10166), (S.9301/A.10160) and (S.9306/A.10177) expand the Department of Environmental Conservation’s ability to regulate fish, oysters and mussels, respectively to ensure that the ministry can continue to protect the natural resources of the state. This ordinance includes fishing season, size and catch limits, and methods of fishing for all fish species in state waters, as well as catch and possession limits, seasonal restrictions, management areas, or other measures for oysters and mussels.

Senator Rachel May said: “As many of us head to one of New York’s beautiful lakes for a relaxing day of fishing and outdoor activities, it’s important that we are responsible stewards of wildlife and the environment. Thank you Governor Hochul for signing my bill to allow the Department of Environment Conservation to do just that by managing the number and species of fish taken from lakes. This will ensure that those who fish and enjoy sea activities can continue to do so for years to come.”

State Senator John Mannion said: “Nothing says the Fourth of July in Syracuse quite like a family clambake — and I’m thrilled that Governor Hochul signed my law into law expanding fishing and oyster fishing opportunities in New York waters. This legislation empowers DEC to manage these shellfish populations while providing new opportunities for our residents to enjoy this time-honoured tradition.”

Assembly Member Steven Otis said: “The Department of Environment’s continued work to support our fisheries and shellfish resources is very important to New York’s economy, tourism and recreation. Governor Hochul and all of our state agencies are working to strengthen these critical resources.”