Greatest tenting chairs 2021: folding moveable designs for the final word in outside consolation



As the weather warms up and restrictions wear off, campsites across the country fill up with groups every weekend stretching out on the wide open spaces and breathe in the fresh air.

Whether it’s a trip full of activities or a few days to catch up with your best friends in the warming glow of a fire. This summer, more Britons than ever are enjoying the relaxing charm of camping.

If you’re out in the great outdoors, it’s worth bringing an efficient kit that will protect your comfort. Tents are a given, of course (if you can, try to pitch them before you leave to check for bugs or tears), but you will also need a decent sleeping bag, inflatable mattress, or camp bed.

If you don’t plan on standing around all day, you also need a good chair that you can relax in all day. While you can spread out on the floor, it’s not ideal for long periods of time, and especially at night when you could trip yourself.


A good camping chair should first and foremost provide adequate back support, but armrests are no longer negotiable for us either. The built-in cushioning is a nice extra and you can now also get designs with pockets and a canopy to protect you from rain or shine.

Most of the options we have listed come with a carrying case so that you can carry them with you so you can take them wherever you want.

See our favorites below.

Umi. from Amazon Portable Camping Chair

The ultra-light chair from Amazon can be folded into a bag that can be carried with just one finger. It’s one of the most impressively compact we’ve ever seen. There is some construction involved; You will need to secure the high strength aluminum alloy frame in place (it is pinned together much like tent poles) before attaching the fabric seat section. It takes seconds.

The deep seat can hold up to 25kg and is perfect for outdoor trips as well as activities like fishing. Mesh inserts ensure that things feel breathable, and there are three practical pockets in which you always have the essentials close at hand. With all of these perks up, we’re ready to overlook the lack of armrests, although they would be welcome.


Amazon Basics camping chair with cooler

Amazon’s own brand basics range is full of must-have items at a fraction of the price of established brands. The collection includes this camping chair, which is equipped with a helpful extra – a built-in cooler that is hung on an armrest (hooray!) And offers space for four cans of beer.

The chair is available in two sizes – normal and XL – and comes with a cup holder and an additional pocket for magazines and snacks. The frame can be folded up and does not have to be deconstructed. Just slip it in the tote bag and place it over your shoulder to find the nearest sunspot.


HI-GEAR Haddon Director’s Chair

Take the lead in your next camping adventure with a Hi-Gear director’s chair. The best thing about this design, apart from its robustness, is the folding table on the right with a cup holder. No more awkwardly reaching for your drink or looking for the flattest piece of grass to make up for. It sits on hollow stainless steel and is fully collapsible, making storage a breeze during the winter months. Right now it’s a buy two for £ 45 offer.

Hi Gear

Oversized moon chair from Trespass

Your future self will thank you for purchasing this cloud-like chair. It offers cocoon comfort like nothing else. In addition to the beautiful upholstery, the dense fabric also acts as a windshield. The steel frame is sturdy but lightweight and comes with a 12 month warranty for extra security. Carrying bag included.


Nemo Stargaze Recliner luxury chair

One of our favorite things to do when camping in the country is the sheer number of stars to see away from the city’s light pollution. We can tilt our heads up in awe for hours, but save yourself the neck pain with a chair designed for stargazing, among other things.

The luxury armchair from Nemo has a lower center of gravity, which makes it more resistant to gusts of wind, and an automatic reclining mechanism that allows you to lean back on uneven or rocky terrain. It’s made of aircraft-grade aluminum and can also swing so you can sit back and watch falling stars as they whiz by.

Then there are all the extra features – a spill-free cup holder, a pocket for camping essentials, and an adjustable headrest – to help you sit nicely. When it’s time to go home, it can be neatly packed into a padded tote bag in three quick steps. For avid campers, it’s a smart investment.



Eurohike Lazi Lounger

No armrests, no cup holders – why is this on our list? As for lazing around, this Eurohike design beats any rigid chair, and most importantly, weighs practically nothing. If you’re only away for a few days and want to save space for more important things – cough beer cough – this is a great option. The little effort it takes to inflate (you have to run to catch enough wind inside) is immediately rewarded when you drop into this colorful seat.


Trespass double seat folding chair

This collapsible love seat is incredibly good value for money and offers enough space for two happy campers. If you don’t feel like sharing, you can spread out over a square. It folds up and fits in a carrying case for easy portability.


UMI. from Amazon – Klappcamp Chair

Take a load in this adjustable folding chair with footrest and ensure total relaxation. The high seat design includes a cup holder in the right armrest and a narrow side pocket for easy access to essentials. It’s also available in black and red, but we believe the green will suit your surroundings a lot better. Quickly and easily folds into a carrying case.


Twin umbrella camping chairs

You can never tell what will happen to the UK weather, even if the forecast promises sunny days. Save yourself the protection of a passing shower with this ingenious option: two seats with a cool box in between, which are covered with an adjustable and removable canopy.


Decathlon folding camping chair Reclinable Comfort Quechua

With a headrest, armrests and a solid frame, this beige folding chair is a chic part of the kit that you can take with you for your next camping vacation. It can also sit back so you can sit back to digest your grilled meal or just look up at the stars.



Whether you’re driving to your pitch or using public transport, space and weight are two important factors on any camping trip. For the compact size and the ultra-light weight Umi’s portable camping chair is our front runner on our list of the best camping chairs.