Greg Boswell provides nice late winter climbs to Scotland


Scottish mountaineer Greg Boswell has made the first ascent of two interesting winter climbs: The Reckoning at An Teallach with Guy Robertson and Fear of the Unknown at Coire an Lochain with Jamie Skelton

Making the most of exceptionally perfect, late winter conditions, Greg Boswell has added two interesting winter climbs to the Scottish Highlands, The Reckoning on Hayfork Gully Wall at An Teallach with Guy Robertson and Fear of the Unknown at Coire an Lochain with Jamie Skelton.

The Reckoning was climbed on the 2/04/22 and is a winter only line. It starts up the existing winter route Wailing Wall, climbs its crux before continuing straight up into more challenging terrain direct up the centre of the wall. A second pitch leads more easily to the summit.

The following Saturday Boswell teamed up with Jamie Skelton and photographer Hamish Frost and made their way to Coire an Lochain. Fear of the Unknown is also a winter only line, that only has about 3m of already climbed terrain. It takes a direct path straight up the centre of the recess between the classic hard winter routes, Nocando Crack and The Migrant Direct.

Writing to, Boswell explained “this was such an awesome route, not only for the fact that it was climbing in such amazing conditions for this time of the year, but also because it looked much more difficult and imposing than it actually was. The climbing flowed so well and it wasn’t hard to protect. I can see it becoming a very popular line once word spreads about how good it it. It just needed someone to be willing to take in the fight and break the barrier. Now everyone can reap the rewards.”

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