Gross sales up 300% at downtown Cincinnati sporting items retailer


CINCINNATI — Super Bowl Sunday is just one day away and Bengals gear is still flying off the shelves from local shops.

Store officials at Koch Sporting Goods Downtown said the last few weeks have been like nothing they’ve ever seen.

“It’s been so crazy. It’s been non-stop. It has been nonstop since the second that Evan McPherson field goal went through the uprights in Kansas City,” said Eric Koch, a member of the family-run business. “We’ve had winning teams before. But I’ve never seen a buzz like this in the city for anything.”

Koch said sales are up 300% compared to last year.

“I joked with somebody else, if they win on Sunday, we’re probably double that,” he said.

The store was packed on Wednesday morning with fans looking to buy merchandise to support the Bengals.

“Everybody keeps calling for jerseys, which nobody has, for the most part,” Koch said. “They’re telling us that we can’t get any until after the game. So jerseys number one, but really, we joke, you could put the Super Bowl logo on anything and it’ll sell.”

Koch Sporting Goods will be closed Sunday to allow employees the chance to enjoy the game, but Koch said new merchandise will be in Monday morning for fans.