Grosse Pointer brings indoor climbing to Detroit


DYNO Detroit is equipped with four different types of climbing: bouldering, lead climbing, top roping and automatic belaying.

Grosse Pointe resident and owner of DYNO Detroit, Dino Ruggeri, realized that there was a market in Detroit for an indoor climbing gym.

He has always had a passion for outdoor sports and activities. He spent five years in Colorado as a snow instructor and camp counselor and shared his love for the outdoors.

Ruggeri moved from Colorado back to his hometown of Grosse Pointe in 2016 to be closer to his family.

“I wanted to go back to Michigan. I always called Michigan home, ”he said.

During his senior semester in college, he was introduced to indoor climbing at Ann Arbor.

Indoor climbing has a lot going for it, he said. It’s a great workout, social activity, mental challenge, “and it’s fun,” he added.

Ruggeri decided to bring DYNO Detroit to the city of Detroit to share the sport with people who may not have had access to an indoor climbing gym.

“The city of Detroit has a lot of people coming (to the gym) who have never had a chance to climb,” he said.

Ruggeri’s goal is to introduce new climbers to the sport and to improve access to the outdoor lifestyle.

“Nature belongs to everyone,” he said. “And indoor climbing is a great goal.”

DYNO Detroit offers a variety of membership levels, from automatic monthly payments to punch cards with seven visits.

The gym offers four types of climbing tours for beginners and advanced climbers, including bouldering, lead climbing, abseiling, and automatic belaying.

Climbing routes are changed every 12 weeks through a process called route setting, which constantly presents climbers with new challenges.

Courtesy photos
The fitness center at DYNO Detroit.

An upstairs fitness center includes cardio machines, weight training, dumbbells, kettlebells, a chin-up, a squat, and indoor lawn.

Although the goal is to get people to enjoy the outdoors, the gym is the perfect place for a winter workout in Michigan.

DYNO Detroit opened to the public on April 15, and Ruggeri said check-ins had increased week by week.

Ruggeri welcomes people of all abilities, strengths, ages and body types to try climbing.

DYNO Detroit is located in 3500 Orleans, Detroit. Currently, it is only open after 4pm on weekdays and all day on weekends, with prior reservation.

For more information, visit, call (313) 262-6208, email [email protected], or visit Dyno Detroit’s Facebook Page.