Group Of 5 Robs Niles Sporting Items Retailer Of $three,000 In Clothes


Tom Robb

Niles police patch.

Five men reportedly robbed Dick’s sporting goods at the Village Crossing mall.

Niles Police said five black men entered the store, retrieved approximately $3,000 worth of clothing items from the shelves and left the scene in a black Saturn SUV at 5:04 p.m. Tuesday, March 22 at 5601 W. Touhy Ave. fled.

Police said the thieves did not show any weapons or make any threats. Police also said they had no registration number data from the vehicle.

These types of quick robberies have been on the rise in both Chicago and the suburbs.

“Niles investigators are constantly sharing information and intelligence with investigators from surrounding departments,” Niles Deputy Police Chief Nick Zakula said in an email to the Journal.

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