Growing entry to the nice outdoor round Glenwood Springs


Kaleb Cook reviews a life jacket from the Equipment Library at the Glenwood Springs Community Center.
Chelsea Self/Post Independent

Glenwood Springs gear library now includes camping gear and backpacking gear.

The Glenwood Gear Library at the community center has partnered with White River National Forest to now offer camping and backpacking gear.

“They’ve partnered with us to add camping and backpacking gear to the gear library, which is a really exciting addition to our collection as it’s new gear for the library and also allows people to get outside and our public lands.” to enjoy,” said Bryana Starbuck, Glenwood Springs information officer.

Starbuck said they have already received the first tent and will be receiving more equipment shortly. When everything arrives, Starbuck said they will have camping gear for families of four and six, along with all the extra gear like tents, sleeping bags, cooking pods, lanterns, and even bear mugs to keep the family and food safe from the bears.

“A big part of the library is making outdoor recreation more accessible and inclusive for everyone,” she said.

The equipment library has been open for more than a year and can be accessed both at the community center and online through the Glenwood Springs Community Center website. To reserve equipment, please reserve at least 24 hours in advance. Some equipment requires you to be 18 or older to rent. The website will show the gear if you use the search bar.

The city plans to rent equipment for all four seasons as it plans to continue expanding the equipment it offers. Most of the gear currently on offer is for summer, but camping gear is coming soon.

The equipment can be borrowed for free or at low cost and is intended to serve people who are either part of an underserved or underrepresented community or someone who wants to try a sport without committing to the high costs of recreational sport, Starbuck said.

“I’ve been invited to paddleboard with friends before, but I don’t have a paddleboard myself. So, theoretically, this is something that someone like me who’s into the sport but doesn’t have several $100s to just throw at new gear to discover a new sport,” Starbuck said.

The gear library has just begun its partnership with the White River National Forest and also receives gear from primarily Colorado retailers, the Recreation Economy for Rural Community and the VF Foundation, a part of VF Corporation that owns Smartwool.

“Outdoor recreation should be for everyone, but sometimes the cost of equipment is prohibitive,” Recreation Manager Steve Frederick said in a statement. “The Gear Library program aims to make outdoor recreation more inclusive for all and accessible to lower income individuals and families. We are very grateful to the Forest Service for helping us expand what we can offer our community.”