Haryana Class 10 exams start: Kin climbing partitions, Bluetooth amongst ‘jugaads’ used to cheat


The Board of School Education Haryana (BSEH) exam for the 10th grade started on Thursday. Over 3.64 lakh students took the social sciences exam at 1,457 testing centers across the state.

Friends and relatives of many students have been caught throwing answer cheat sheets into test center premises by climbing school perimeter walls in many locations across the state. Police personnel deployed to the center struggled to cope with the situation.

Similar incidents of unfair means were also reported at many centers during Wednesday’s Class 12 exam.

An official spokesman for the board said 254 cases of fraud were reported and three supervisors and a security guard were removed from duty for negligence during Thursday’s Class 10 exam, alongside the cancellation of the exam at two centers.

Board Chairman Jagbir Singh said a man solving the class 10 social science questions fled from the Government Senior Secondary School examination center in Birhi Kalan village, Charkhi Dadri, but the flying squad managed to lock his motorbike and a mobile phone confiscate .

“The cellphone owner has been identified as Pradeep Sangwan. He got the solution via WhatsApp from a certain Karthik Math. I have instructed the exam director to turn the phone over to the police and file an FIR against its owner,” added the Chief Executive.

A day earlier, during the Class 12 exams, 165 cases of cheating were uncovered and three invigilators were released from the duty of negligence, apart from the cancellation of the exam at three centers. In addition, two centers were moved.

According to BSEH spokesman Meenakshi, the number of fraud cases detected was 4,430 in 2019, 5,048 in 2018 and 5,265 in 2017.

She said the most common method used by students to cheat is by using cheat sheets. Most cases were reported from Sonepat, Mewat and Bhiwani districts.

“Many cases of identity theft have come to light in recent years. It was also noted that some students used Bluetooth to cheat,” she added.

Teachers are prohibited from staying mobile during exam service

Taking serious note of fraud and other incidents of unfair means during the examination board, the BSEH had previously decided that teachers who are delegated the examination service would not be allowed to keep mobile phones during examination periods.

All teachers who are required to take examinations must hand in their mobile phones to the examination invigilator before entering the examination center. It was decided to strictly monitor fraud and other unfair means.