Here is The Finest Place For Tenting In Washington

Here’s The Best Place For Camping In Washington

Immersing yourself in nature can soothe the soul, and no other activity does it better than camping. Not only is it a fun activity, but it can also be good for you, according to Utah State University.

“Benefits include building relationships, being able to learn and develop new skills, unplugging and away from screens, connecting with nature, reducing stress and increasing physical fitness,” the researchers say . “The physical demands of hiking, camping, hiking, fishing and exploring the great outdoors are certainly among the exercises that contribute to our overall health and well-being.”

Many people think of the forest when they think of camping, but that’s not your only option. People also flock to deserts, beaches, mountains, canyons and other areas to camp.

If you’re wondering about the best campsite in your area, look no further than Travel + Leisure. They found the best campground in every state, including Washington state. Your choice for the Evergreen State is…

second beach in Olympic National Park!

The authors also explained why they chose this location:

“Regarded as the crown jewel of the park’s West Shore, campers pitch their tents right on the sand of this Pacific Northwest beach. Make a driftwood campfire, photograph the sunset over the sea stacks and try to take in this enchanting place with your whole being.”

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