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Highest Indoor Climbing Wall in Andalucia Opens in Malaga


Opening of the tallest indoor climbing wall in Andalusia in Malaga Credit: City Hall

The highest indoor climbing wall in Andalusia opens in Malaga.

The city of Alora in Malaga is now home to the tallest indoor climbing wall in Andalusia.

The breathtaking climbing wall was opened on Friday in the municipal sports pavilion in Alora in Malaga, Spain. The climbing wall is an indoor wall with a height of 70 meters and is the highest indoor climbing wall in all of Andalusia. The breathtaking attraction will host various activities and even championships.

The new climbing facilities were opened by the Mayor of Alora, Francisco Martínez Subires, and the Sports Councilor Francisco Javier González Postigo. The wall offers three different routes, each with different levels of difficulty, which are differentiated by the color of the handles on the wall.

The company responsible for creating and assembling the stunning attraction is Shaperwalls SL. It took four months to set up, but is now ready for use. A direct grant from the Delegation for Environment, Inland Tourism and Climate Change of the Diputación de Málaga was used to finance the initiative, according to the consistory.

According to the town hall, “the President of the Andalusian Climbing Association, Julio Perea; City councilors; the Sergeant of the Civil Guard, Adrian Velasco; the mountain group of the Guardia Civil of Alora, the sports technicians; the head of the local police, Antonio Reina; and many people who are enthusiastic about climbing and sports. “

So be sure to stop by and enjoy a great day for the whole family that is not only mentally stimulating, but also active in sports. Climbing can be great fun for everyone involved.

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