Hooks energy previous Playing cards, snap Springfield profitable streak

Hooks power past Cards, snap Springfield winning streak

SPRINGFIELD, Mo — The Springfield Cardinals continued their homestand against Corpus Christi Thursday.

The Cardinals were aiming for a season-high fifth straight win.

Before the game, St. Louis promoted catcher Pedro Pages to Triple AAA Memphis.

Springfield bounced back from a 6-0 deficit to win Wednesday night.

Thursday night, the Hooks Luke Berryhill starts the first goal with that homer down the middle, it’s 1-0.

Springfield equals in the third when Misal Tamarez throws it over his catcher, hitting Justin Toerner on the wild pitch, making it 1-1.

But Corpus Christi moves forward again in the sixth when Justin Dirden takes that deep right center shot, across the boards at right center, a solo shot, it’s 2-1.

Next batter is Shay Whitcomb and he does the same, another homer to right center, back to back jacks, 3-1.

The hooks get another in that sixth, Springfield’s Johan Quezada throws that pitch in the dirt, Grae Kessinger rushes home, beats the tag at the plate, 4-1.

And Corpus Christi ended that Cardinal winning streak with a 5-3 win.