HopePrescott.com : Hope Metropolis Board considers recreation services | Regional Information


The Hope City Board on Tuesday reviewed a potential outdoor recreation grant application.

City Manager Catherine Cook said at a recent hearing the city had two major projects that received the most support, a splash guard and new LED lighting for the park’s ball fields.

Parks Director Summer Chambers submitted three cost estimates for splash pads. One was for a 5,000-square-foot pad for $295,000, with the city’s share coming in at $147,500. A 3,300 square foot pad was valued at $230,000 with the city share being valued at $115,000. A 3,500 square foot pad was valued at $210,000 with the city share at $105,000.

The prices vary depending on the equipment.

Also, adding a recirculating water system would cost $100,000. The lighting project was valued at $426,483 with the city’s share at $213,241.50.

The board, through acclimatization, agreed to place numbers on a site near the library and in North Side Park as a splash guard.

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