Household says RV from Tenting World has been nothing however issues


A Fayetteville family says they bought a Camping World RV to live in after their house caught fire, but they say the RV was nothing but a problem the year they had it.

“It was a challenge, an attempt,” Ben Hutchins told 5 On Your Side.

In August 2021, Hutchins says the house fire forced his wife and children to look elsewhere.

They bought a year-old RV from Camping World and quickly made it to their new home while they waited for the fire damage to be repaired.

“We got it and it was immaculate inside,” Hutchins said of the RV.

But the Hutchins say they soon had trouble.

“A lot of times you walk in and all the lights go crazy,” Heather Hutchins told 5 On Your Side.

Ben Hutchins took a cellphone video of the lights flickering and the same thing happened while the 5 On Your Side team was there.

The Hutchins say the outlets aren’t working, and at one point the hydraulic leveling system wasn’t working properly.

“We sat outside one time and it just went ‘brrrr’ in the air and it wouldn’t turn off and we had to call the fire department,” said Ben Hutchins.

He also made a video of it. In the video you can hear firefighters saying “engines are going to burn, it’s smoking now.”

There were other problems, but the Hutchins thought they had prepared for them.

“We got the best guarantee they had because we didn’t want to worry about anything,” remembers Ben Hutchins.

But even after the repair, the electrical problems continued, according to Hutchins. It also revealed new issues not covered by the service plan, including a rotten roof.

After less than eight months, the Hutchins wanted out.

“We contacted Camping World, we contacted the manufacturer, we had a lawyer to deal with it,” Ben Hutchins told us.

The Hutchins’ service contract appears to include a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty on the camper, and their attorney cited this while pushing for a replacement or refund under the protection of the Lemon Law. But Camping World said the warranty expired before the Hutchins bought it and the RV was sold “as is”.

5 On Your Side has had several discussions with Camping World about this situation. We have asked for an official statement several times, but have not received any.

Still concerned about the electrical system, the Hutchins are considering cutting their credit rating and voluntarily taking the RV back.

“It just seems so unfair that we didn’t buy that,” said Heather Hutchins.

The extended service plan the Hutchins bought covers repairs, but there’s no option to replace the RV if the problem can’t be fixed.

A reminder to be very clear about what warranties and extended service plans you have and what they cover before you buy.