Households stake out new tenting spots alongside Battle of Flowers new parade route


The new route for the iconic Battle of Flowers parade is drawing mixed reactions from San Antonians.

SAN ANTONIO – The Battle of Flowers Parade begins in less than 12 hours. The legendary Fiesta event returns for the first time in three years, but this time it comes with a new route.

Preparations for the parade continued on Wednesday evening. Vendors set up stalls, workers set up grandstands and some families set up their folding chairs and tents to sleep in for Thursday’s parade.

Cousins ​​Nyla Harris and Ahmir Thompson sat in their folding chairs on Avenue E for hours.

“We do it at every single parade,” Thompson said, adding that getting front-row seats is a generational family tradition.

Seeing horses, boots and carriages is one of Nyla’s favorite sights.

“You’re like super cute. Sometimes whenever I see them, I literally scream and say hello,” the 8-year-old said.

The two are at odds over how the parade changes make them feel.

“I’m kind of upset because [before] it’s closer to my school,” Thompson replied.

Cadillac Lofts residents are lucky enough to get a view of the parade from their window and don’t have to travel far to find a seat.

Dominic Gutierrez says he spoke to others who were still unaware the parade route had changed.

“It’s really 50-50,” Gutierrez said of people’s opinion of the new route.

Providers also have to reorient themselves. As the parade returns for the first time since the pandemic began, Stephanie Etlinger is excited to see the parade return.

“It looks a little narrower than where I used to sit on Broadway. I think it will be nice to have a change of scenery this year,” said Etlinger.

The Battle of Flowers tour, which normally goes down Broadway Street, now begins near San Antonio College and ends near La Villita.

No matter where the fiesta goes, the likes of Gutierrez will follow.

“It’s all about love and people being happy and getting together,” Gutierrez said.

The parade changed due to construction on Broadway Street.

But some downtown residents are happy to get a front-row seat when the parade returns.