Households wait years for coveted tenting spots Fulton County Truthful


The waiting list is about 10 years. One woman said she had waited seven years for a place and prays that next year will be her lucky year.

WAUSEON, Ohio – The Fulton County Fair is one of the most popular fairs in the state and continues to grow.

“It’s the best fair in Ohio. Who wouldn’t want to come here?” Camper Cory Sheller said.

Families come from all over and camp at the fairground, which has become a tradition.

But the tradition has grown so much that there is no longer room for everyone, and some families are forced to wait years before they can pitch their tents.

The Fulton County Fair is a family affair and a tradition for many for two, three or even four decades.

Virginia Lumbrezer has been a part of the tradition for almost 60 years and remembers a time when there weren’t that many people.

“I would say tripled in size because the original fair was just a small round and now it’s expanding,” she said.

But now families are waiting in lines.

Douglas Bauman, who has been camping at the Fulton fairgrounds for 42 years, said he counted 65 campers in a year when the fair was less crowded.

But this year, he estimates, “there are almost seven or eight hundred campers here and there are campers on the other side of the forest trying to get in here.”

Everyone who already has a place can secure it for next year before the end of the fair. But even if the fair grows, the number of campsites remains the same.

The waiting list is about 10 years.

“We were there for at least two years before we got in,” said camper Jolene Myers. “When we arrived we were down by the stables first, but we were cow people and had to be at that end. They allowed us to trade with someone who needed to be in that direction.”

The coveted tickets at the Fulton County Fair are so important, they’re even passed down from generation to generation. Lumbrezer’s family is one of those who hope to keep a campsite for generations.

What makes me feel good is that my kids are camping, they’re married. Hopefully my granddaughter will keep my place here when she gets married until it can pass to her,” Lumbrezer said.

Anyone who has a place at the exhibition center does not want to give it up so easily.

“As long as we can, until I can’t handle it anymore and make things work,” said Brian Myers of the position, which he has held for 27 years.

One woman on the waiting list said she’s waited seven years and prays next year will be her lucky year.

She said some people don’t have to wait that long because the size of the RV also plays a role in getting a spot.

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