If You Like Tenting, Test Out The Potential Motors Journey 1


Nothing compares to exploring the great outdoors in your recreational vehicle while camping. And if you’re looking for something that can handle off-road terrain with ease, check out the Potential Motors Adventure 1. It’s the perfect device for anyone who enjoys camping and exploring remote destinations that are inaccessible by car. With its robust off-road suspension and powerful engine, the Adventure 1 will take you anywhere. Likewise, this bold and frenzied camper is in contrast to the 100 Series Land Cruiser that also serves as a daily driver and is equipped with ample comfort.


What is Potential Motors Electric Adventure 1 Motorhome?

A white Potential Motors Adventure 1 motorhome potential engines

A white Potential Motors Adventure 1 motorhome moving on an off-road site

Headquartered in New Brunswick, Potential Motors is a Canadian start-up that plans to electrify off-road vehicles by producing and marketing “small-volume, category-defining cars.” The company has launched its off-road electric motorhome, the Adventure 1, with mass production slated to begin in 2024. This flagship model is a twin-engine, all-electric prototype designed from the ground up for adventure. Keep in mind that Adventure 1 is considered an Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) in some states, but can be driven on off-highway roads where permitted. If necessary, this vehicle can be towed or towed behind any regular truck.

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The Adventure 1 RV is a capable camper

Black Potential Motors Adventure 1 Electric Off-Road Vehicle potential engines

A parked black off-road electric motorhome from Potential Motors Adventure 1 showing its camping capabilities.

The Adventure 1 RV’s specs are good enough for camping. It is explicitly designed as an all-terrain leisure vehicle. In addition, the Adventure 1 is just as versatile as the Morgan Super 3, making your Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays even better. It has all the amenities you need for a great camping trip, like a comfy bed, a kitchenette, and even an emergency backup charger. As mentioned, it is also designed for off-road driving and can help you travel across different terrains including roads, snow, sand, swamps and swamps. It also features a 40-degree approach angle, 45-degree departure angle, 29-degree roll-over angle, and 12.9 inches of ground clearance. At 64 inches wide, the Adventure 1 is comfortable and spacious inside, and also features an integrated full-size bed and kitchen sink. The cab-over architecture and large windows offer excellent views of the trails. In an emergency, the vehicle can be charged with propane gas, which is used for cooking and heating.

It comes with a lot of Overlanding Gear

The rear of a Potential Motors Adventure 1 off-road electric motorhome potential engines

The rear of a Potential Motors Adventure 1 electric off-road motorhome with an integrated full-size bed for 2 people

The integrated bed allows two people to sleep peacefully without feeling cramped, and it also folds seamlessly and tucks into a waterproof, dustproof compartment that can withstand any storm. It features a modular kitchen with a two-burner propane stove, refrigerator, kitchenware, and sink. So no matter where you are, you can enjoy the comforts of home. If you remove the kitchen, two full-size dirt bikes fit behind the Adventure 1’s rear seats. Its spacious interior and flexible design accommodate a variety of tools, toys, pets, and people. There is also a 40 liter water tank.

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Powerful but can cause range anxiety

A red Potential Motors Adventure 1 electric SUV potential engines

A red Potential Motors Adventure 1 Electric Offroad RV moving fast on rough terrain.

As previously mentioned, the Adventure 1 is powered by a dual motor setup – one motor on each axle – which together produces 604 horsepower and 737 pound-feet of torque. The 70 kWh battery provides enough power to take this little camper with you even on the most demanding trails. This setup allows it to power through any terrain with ease. And if you’re worried about going into the water with your RV, you don’t have to be. The Adventure 1’s airtight construction makes it much more resistant to water damage than other motorhomes on the market.

The all-new Adventure 1 RV offers an off-road range of 100 miles (160 kilometers) on a full charge, making it the ideal choice for long trips. With its twin-engine AWD, 12.9 inches of ground clearance and 105.5 inches of wheelbase, this RV is up to the challenge of traversing any terrain. Also, there is enough space for a whole crew or all your belongings. There is an impressive body protection system consisting of a huge front skid plate, front and rear recovery hooks and a front flush mount winch protecting this recreational vehicle from debris and rocks. As with the Land Rover LR3, the independent suspension automatically adjusts its performance to the conditions ahead, providing a smooth, optimal driving experience regardless of the terrain. Also, no manual adjustments are required as the controller has access to real-time information about the landscape, making your ride more seamless and enjoyable.

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It’s not cheap

A white off-road electric camper van from Potential Motors Adventure 1 potential engines

A white Potential Motors Adventure 1 electric off-road camper van parked during a camping trip.

The Potential Motors Adventure 1 starts at a whopping $136,000! It’s worth the investment if you camp a lot… and have a boatload of cash. Or if you’re Walter White from Breaking Bad.