Illegal Tenting Ordinance On Elk Grove Metropolis Council Agenda For Wednesday – CBS Sacramento


ELK GROVE (CBS13) – An unlawful camping ordinance will be considered by the Elk Grove City Council on Wednesday.

The ordinance provides guidance for people living without shelter within the city limits to “improve public health and safety,” according to the ordinance document accompanying the agenda.

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Regarding public property, the ordinance provides guidance for campgrounds and encampments that determine four or more people camp within 50 feet of each other without permitted power, water, and bathroom facilities.

These guidelines prohibit camping within 500 feet of the grounds of a daycare, school, playground, or youth center. Camping is also prohibited in an area larger than 150 square feet per person.

Camps are prohibited and camping areas would need to be kept clean and rubbish, debris and litter would not be allowed.

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Locks on public facilities must not be broken and public areas such as sidewalks must not be blocked, as required by the regulation.

“Homelessness is not a problem, the homeless are a group of people,” said Pat Hume, Elk Grove City Councilman.

He explained the ordinance is the city’s way of protecting those living without shelter, as well as the broader public, from health and safety threats that camps or campgrounds may pose.

According to the ordinance document, there are currently about 150 vulnerable people who are homeless within Elk Grove city limits.

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Elk Grove City Council will meet on Wednesday.