Inside Wilson Sporting Items’ first-ever retail store


Wilson’s first retail location has many historical notes from the company’s 108-year history. (Photo by Wilson)

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Sport would not exist without Wilson Sporting Goods. The makers of tennis rackets, baseball bats, soccer balls and once again official NBA basketballs, the company’s trademark for sports equipment and clothing is eternal and indispensable.

It wasn’t exactly a setback, but the only thing Wilson couldn’t say about other brands was brick and mortar. That changed on Thursday with the opening of his first shop. Located in Chicago’s Gold Coast district, the company’s 108-year history can be seen on every wall. From inside the changing rooms to past your wallet, it’s impossible to leave the door without learning a fun fact.

The opening also follows the launch of Wilson’s very first line of sportswear earlier this summer. Perfect for the upcoming Olympics, a number of pieces offer red, white and blue colorways in addition to selected neon tones and minimal hues.

“Even as a fairly seasoned retailer and retailer, I’ve learned so much about the strength of our brand within the four walls of this store,” Gordon Devin, president of Wilson Sportswear, told Yahoo Sports. “There is no way to communicate quality, value, and solidarity so well that you can combine everything under one roof. I understand that we are headed for a digital future, but I don’t know how we can shape that future without having a digital future physical environment to stand in and learn from. “

At first glance, you might think that basics such as tanks, skirts and jackets are comparable to what is already on the market. However, it’s the fabric, silhouette and fit that really set Wilson apart from the rest. Think of clothes that professional athletes would wear during a game that was redesigned for everyday life. Tennis skirts have a mesh exterior with compression underpants. Multiple pockets can conveniently store balls during play, and other valuables can be stored while commuting to and from the court.

The story goes on

It’s never too early to think about outwear for fall. For their first collection, Wilson added a playful bomber jacket that accentuates the woman’s figure while providing great coverage. The Globetrotting Windbreaker is made of both water- and wind-repellent material and yet has a soft, moisture-regulating lining to cool you down while you go to another activity.

That too is just the beginning. Though he wouldn’t reveal where future locations might be, Devin hinted that expansion beyond the boundaries of the Windy City is likely. Those who either don’t live in Chicago or are planning to visit Chicago needn’t to worry. You can purchase men’s and women’s clothing on Wilson’s retail site. Upstream are a number of women’s pieces that were quickly sold out in the store.