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William Preite says it was his dream to open a sports shop for local hunters and fishermen. He also sells hunting rifles and antique firearms.

NORTH ADAMS, Massachusetts – William Preite fulfills a lifelong dream: to own a sports business.

Bill’s Sporting Goods opened earlier this year on 401 Curran Highway, the location of the former Doran Carpet building. It’s across from Ernie’s Auto Body and just down the street from Joe Wolfe Field.

Preite has always wanted to open a fishing and hunting business. It opened in late February after renovating the interior of the building. The interior has light wood walls, most of which are adorned with stuffed heads of animals that Preite has hunted over the years. This includes a few large deer, lots of small deer and a wild boar, as well as some large fish.

When customers open the door, Preite’s friendly yellow Labrador Ali greets them with enthusiasm. Ali has run wild in the store, but she’s a lovable dog who likes her tummy rubbed.

Preite sells a wide variety of products in its shop, including fishing lures, rods and reels, ammunition for most firearms, hand-carved knives, and binoculars and scopes. But perhaps most proud of his collection of antique weapons and his display of hand-tied fly-fishing lures.

The baits are handcrafted and look very similar to real flies and other insects to aid fly fishermen in their fishing. Although they look complicated and expensive, they cost under $ 4 each. Preite said he is the only shop in the area that he knows sells hand-tied bow ties.

Preite told the story of a man who recently sold him a fly fishing rod who came into the store and said he was “glad to see”. [that] someone opened a real shop. “

A passionate gun collector, he also sells rifles, handguns and shotguns. He buys them at auctions, mostly in Illinois, and from people who come to the store to sell him their weapons. A careful buyer, he says, “I try to sell guns in good condition.”

Preite’s gun collection is impressive, spanning both size and age. One of the oldest weapons is a Colt revolver from the early 1900s. He also owns a Luger pistol from 1938 in Germany and a Mannlicher rifle from Austria. But he also has a new Walther pistol (this is the type seen in the James Bond films and novels) and a .22 caliber light target rifle. Preite is currently running a raffle for $ 20 per ticket for a chance to win this rifle.

While many of the guns and fishing rods are high quality and expensive, Preite found that some of the fishing rods he sells cost around $ 30. This is perfect for people who want to get their kids fishing. He also sells some hunting clothing, including camouflage jackets and boots. Right now, Preite is offering $ 5 off any purchase of $ 50 or more.

Bill’s Sporting Goods is open Thursday through Saturday during the summer as Priete spends the rest of the week spraying insects on 92 homes as part of his Berkshire pest business. His shop is open Thursdays and Fridays from 4-7 a.m. and Saturdays from 11 a.m.-4 a.m. It will be open more often in the fall, when the hunting season starts and the pest control season wears off.

When asked which part of the business was his favorite, Preite said he didn’t have a favorite. “I’m just happy when people come in.”

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