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Iron County leisure facility prepares for summer time actions


IRON RIVER, Michigan (WLUC) – Many outdoor recreational facilities have made the transition from winter to summer activities.

The transition from snowy feet to dry grass takes dozens of hours and Mother Nature’s cooperation. Young’s at Iron River spent a full week in April preparing the golf course.

“We have 12 people on site and they are here all week including the weekend to cut grass. It’s at least eight hours a day every day for each of the guys. There’s a lot in there,” said Jason Smedlund, Young’s Marketing Director.

This year’s season kicked off on May 6th, about a month later than last year’s April 10th opening day.

“This winter we had a spring that kind of lasted. It was long, it was wet and it kept snowing. We were delayed in our ability to mow grass,” Smedlund said.

Now the course looks ahead to Memorial Day. Golfers enjoyed windy but moderate weather on Monday. According to Smedlund, Young’s offers a unique experience.

“You can go anywhere in the UP, of course you won’t find a better price for this quality,” explained Smedlund. “That’s our number one, that comes with our status as a non-profit.”

The charitable foundation commemorates George and Margaret Young. Smedlund says that as a non-profit organization it allows them to keep prices down.

“With the [trust] Funding and other funds that we earn throughout the year keep the place going,” Smedlund said.

Young’s changed its name in 2018 and since then, staff say attendance has increased.

“We get a lot of customers from the area, which is nice to see. Illinois, really all of Wisconsin, Lower Michigan and even Minnesota,” Smedlund said.

This June, Young’s will host the UPGA Men’s Senior Championship for the first time ever. Smedlund said staff were very excited and would stay the course.

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