It Is Unlawful To Burn Open air In eight East Texas Counties Proper Now


The summer of 2022 has started extremely hot and dry. Temperatures for the first official week of summer have hit 100 degrees or just above every day since June 21st. Thanks to a cool front moving through East Texas, we’ll see high temperatures that are more normal.

Temperatures in the mid-90s are more inviting, but rain would be even more welcome. All of east Texas appears unusually dry on the US Drought Monitor map, with most of the area considered moderately dry. Because of these extremely dry conditions, more counties in East Texas are enacting burn bans and severely restricting outdoor burning.

One of the last counties to enact an incineration ban is Harrison County. The burn ban applies to outdoor burning and restricts outdoor smoking to permitted areas and that your cigarette is completely extinguished and properly disposed of. The ban does not affect the sale or use of fireworks. However, fireworks are prohibited by law in most communities and their use should be closely monitored and prepared for in the event a fire breaks out during their use.

In Van Zandt County, which has an incineration ban in place until September 20, county officials have explained at length what is legal and what isn’t, and what certain industries must do to continue operating, particularly the welding sector. (CBS 19) Residents required to incinerate household waste are permitted subject to special restrictions and conditions.

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Due to the many burning bans currently in place, local fireworks shows are affected. While some shows are being canceled, others will be temporarily suspended pending more favorable weather conditions in East Texas.

The following East Texas counties currently have some form of incineration ban in place:

  • County of Van Zandt
  • Henderson County
  • Anderson County
  • Cherokee County
  • Upshur County
  • Marion County
  • Harrison County
  • Panola County

Many other counties in Deep East Texas are also subject to fire bans: Houston County, Angelina County, Trinity County, Polk County, and Tyler County. There are currently 163 Texas counties under some type of burn ban, while 91 are unaffected, according to the Texas A&M Forestry Service. If your area does not have a cremation ban, it is still recommended that you closely monitor any outdoor cremation as a fire can get out of control.

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