Home Sporting Goods Jerome softball workforce will get $100,00 grant courtesy of Dick’s Sporting Items

Jerome softball workforce will get $100,00 grant courtesy of Dick’s Sporting Items

Jerome softball team gets $100,00 grant courtesy of Dick’s Sporting Goods

JEROME, Idaho (KMVT/KSVT) — The Jerome softball team has raised $100,000 thanks to a grant from Dick’s Sporting Goods’ Sports Matter Grant.

“It was shocking to us, we had no idea,” said Lyle Hudelson, the head coach of the Jerome High School softball team.

He and his team have practiced at Forsythe Park for years, but have always dreamed of having a spot on campus for the girls to play.

“In the end we always knew we wanted to bring them home somehow and we have great ideas but we need the financial backing to do it,” said Scott Burton, the athletic director.

Now they will. The Sports Matter Grant awarded them $100,000, which is $80,000 more than they originally applied for. Only 22 schools across the country received this grant.

“This is our home, we call it home and it’s awesome, and we’re very grateful to have the privilege of playing it, but we just want something on campus,” Hudelson said. “It will make things so much easier.”

Now where will this new softball field be?

“If you go to the soccer field, the old soccer practice field is right there, just to the left as you walk up between the school and the baseball field,” Hudelson said.

And the team knows that without the support of the entire community, they would be nowhere.

“It’s also a testament to our community, the people we have in our school, the people we have in our town,” Burton said.

“I’m so grateful to Gary and Carl and the crew for putting in the work and making the fields look great for us and giving us a place to play,” said Hudelson.

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