Joe Rogan reacts to gut-wrenching video of thrill-seekers climbing a skyscraper with out security gear


Joe Rogan often shows extreme athletic performances on his social media platforms. The UFC commentator recently shared a clip of two brave men climbing a skyscraper with no safety gear.

The popular comic and podcast host shared the video on Instagram and pointed out that the climbers were also barefoot. He wrote in the caption:

“Fuck everything about it. Repost: @leo.urban Without safety gear and barefoot 🦶 With brother @alexis.landot 🦾 #barefoot #brother #equipment #dangerous #climbing #amazing”

The video was originally posted by Leo Urban, an athlete who specializes in scaling buildings and other urban objects without safety equipment. It garnered tons of responses in the comments section, with input from some fighters and members of the MMA community.

Former fighter Robin Black commented:

“People are capable of extraordinary things. But this is extraordinarily banana.”

Josh Thomson hilariously pointed out that the general public thinks MMA fights are dangerous. In contrast, climbing a towering skyscraper without safety precautions is truly devastating. The former UFC fighter commented:

“And people think us fighters are crazy. This shit is crazy.”

Joe Rogan slams Amber Heard and claims defamation trial is ‘a huge win’ for Johnny Depp

Joe Rogan recently shared his thoughts on the ongoing defamation trial between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Johnny Depp is suing Amber Heard, claiming the Hollywood actress publicly fabricated stories of abuse that hurt his acting career.

In an episode of his podcast, Rogan speculated on what might happen to Heard if Depp won the trial.

“If Johnny Depp wins the case, the only good thing is that now everyone knows something is wrong [Heard]. This is a big win for Johnny Depp and a big loss for Pirates of the Caribbean! You got rid of the best damn pirate you ever had! For a crazy woman!”

Rogan went on to discuss how he had heard other reports of Amber Heard’s questionable behavior from certain circles in the entertainment industry. He also expressed his support for Johnny Depp, who lost a lucrative lead role in the hugely successful Pirates of the Caribbean franchise due to Heard’s initial abuse allegations.

Check out Joe Rogan’s take on the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard trial below:

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