Joel Carver’s ‘The Adventures of Grandpa’s Dentures: Ivory Goes Tenting’ is a Fantastic Story About Going through Disappointment, Making Pals, and Trying on the Vivid Aspect


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October 25, 2022 6:00 am EDT

Fulton Books author Joel Carver, an American author, businessman and historian, has completed his latest book, The Adventures Of Grandpa’s Dentures: Ivory Goes Camping: a fantastic and light-hearted read that takes Ivory, Grandpa’s dentures, on a camping trip with him the family left but were left alone. Luckily, Ivory met new friends and found company.

Carver says, “Remember when… your grandpa, or maybe even your grandma, pulled her false teeth out of her mouth and made funny faces? I definitely do!

“This picture book for children is based on true events and adventures with my grandfather’s dentures. His dentures got lost in the most unfortunate ways and in the funniest places. But despite all that, Grandpa and his set of (ivory) false teeth always came out smiling!

“Parents, grandparents, family and friends will enjoy sharing this book with the youngest readers. Grandpa and Ivory provide many fun classroom moments for children, covering topics such as overcoming disappointment and how to make new friends. A smile can be yours Brighten your day and the world around you, and how you can see the bright side when things aren’t going the way you want them to.

“Recommended for all kids who like adventure and a daily dose of smiles and laughter!”

Joel Carver’s amusing storybook, published by Fulton Books, creatively tells adventures about his grandfather’s teeth and his own childhood stories in the West Texas countryside.

With this book, kids and adults will definitely enjoy smiling moments during their reading time.

Readers interested in experiencing this delightful work can purchase “The Adventures Of Grandpa’s Dentures: Ivory Goes Camping” from bookstores everywhere or online from the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes & Noble.

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Source: Fulton Books