John Hunter Nemechek – No. four ROMCO Tools Tundra TRD Professional Tenting World Vans COTA Preview


While you’re not at your best, is there a silver lining that you’ve led laps and won stages?

“Yes, we are definitely fast and have the equipment to be up front. We led a few laps and won three stages out of six, which is a big plus for us considering our placements so far this season. They weren’t spectacular or what we wanted but hopefully we can get that bad luck or that little slump out of the way early and not let it go year round. We work hard and don’t change anything, just try to show up on the track and win, get good runs and good results. We’re a bit behind in the points at the moment but I expect that going forward we’ll be strong and move up the points race and get some wins.”

Do you like street racing?

“I do, street racing is a lot of fun. Being able to go to COTA, last year was our first year there and we had a little bit of everything; We had a dry practice day, a wet qualifying session and then it rained at the start of the race. Then it dried up during the race so we stayed on rain tires. I feel like we learned a lot about all the conditions there last year as we threw them all our way. I’m looking forward to going there again this year, I was also able to test there in a TransAm car a couple of weeks ago and had a lot of fun doing it, so I’m looking forward to chasing our first win of the year at COTA.”

Are you excited to have ROMCO back on the truck?

“Yes! Sure. ROMCO was a great company, Mr. Mullins and everyone involved have had my back and supported me throughout my career. They started out as a very small sponsor and have grown through the ranks with me. Luckily we’ve been able to give them in bring two of NASCAR’s top series victories and hopefully we can do that this weekend too, I know they’re going to have quite a lot of people there, staff and different vendors, so I’m looking forward to getting to know everyone and hopefully we can give them one provide a show.”