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RACINE, Wis., Dec. 09, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Johnson Outdoors Inc. (Nasdaq:JOUT), a leading global innovator of outdoor recreation equipment and technology, today announced slightly lower sales and decreased earnings for the fiscal year ending September 30, 2022.   Fiscal 2022 sales fell 1 percent compared to the previous record-high fiscal year, while operating profit decreased 40 percent and net income fell 47 percent over the prior fiscal year.

“While fiscal 2022 sales remained relatively flat compared to fiscal 2021, which was one of our strongest fiscal years, the challenging supply chain situation, primarily in our Fishing business, resulted in significant impact to our profitability. The fiscal fourth quarter showed some easing of supply availability, and we continue to focus on evaluating options to address increased costs and the efficiency of our supply chain. We ended the fiscal year with strong orders, and we continue to replenish customer inventory levels,” said Helen Johnson-Leipold, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer. “While it’s unclear the extent to which economic conditions and inflation may affect consumer buying behavior in the future, we remain focused on sustaining innovation leadership and building value for our consumers for the long-term.”


  • Continued strong orders in all business segments
  • Awards for new product innovation
  • Debt-free balance sheet
  • Increased quarterly dividend to shareholders

Total Company revenue fell 1 percent to $743.4 million versus fiscal 2021 revenue of $751.7 million. Key factors in the year-over-year comparison were:

  • In Fishing, despite continued strong demand, revenue declined by 5 percent driven primarily by ongoing supply chain disruptions that slowed our ability to complete and ship finished goods
  • Camping grew 12 percent due to higher sales in both Jetboil® and Eureka® product categories
  • Watercraft Recreation sales increased 2 percent due to continued high demand for the Sportsman line
  • Diving sales rose 14 percent from the prior fiscal year, as several regions of the world reopened and tourism increased

Total Company operating profit was $66.3 million in fiscal 2022, which compared unfavorably to operating profit of $111.3 million in the prior fiscal year. As a result of significant increases in materials costs, gross margin was 36.5 percent in fiscal 2022 compared to 44.5 percent in fiscal 2021. Operating expenses decreased $17.8 million versus the prior year due largely to lower variable and deferred compensation expense incurred in fiscal 2022 as compared to the prior fiscal year. Profit before income taxes was $58.9 million versus $112.9 million in the prior year.

Net income for the fiscal year was $44.5 million, or $4.37 per diluted share, a 47 percent decline versus $83.4 million, or $8.21 per diluted share, in the last fiscal year. The effective tax rate was 24.4 percent compared to the previous fiscal year’s rate of 26.2 percent.

Total Company net sales in the fiscal fourth quarter were $196.4 million, an 18 percent increase from the prior fiscal year fourth quarter’s sales, as supply availability in our Fishing business started to improve. Operating profit of $13.3 million in the current year fourth quarter declined slightly from $13.6 million in the prior year fourth quarter. Gross margin declined 6 points from the prior year quarter due primarily to increased material costs and inventory reserves. Operating expenses remained consistent year over year despite higher sales volumes due in large part to lower warranty and bad debt expenses. Additionally, deferred compensation expense declined by $1.2 million due to losses on plan assets, which was entirely offset in Other Expense. Profit before income taxes improved from $10.5 million to $11.8 million in the current fiscal year fourth quarter. Net income for the fourth quarter was $9.7 million compared to $6.9 million in the fiscal 2021 fourth quarter.

The Company reported cash and short-term investments of $129.8 million as of September 30, 2022, a $110.6 million decrease from the prior year, with no debt on its balance sheet. Depreciation and amortization were $14.2 million compared to $13.4 million in fiscal 2021. Capital spending totaled $31.7 million in fiscal 2022 compared with $21.4 million in fiscal 2021. In September 2022, the Company’s Board of Directors approved a 3 percent increase in the quarterly cash dividend to shareholders of record as of October 13, 2022, which was payable on October 27, 2022.

“Heading into fiscal 2023, we remain focused on closely monitoring demand and proactively managing higher-than-normal inventory levels. While we have seen improvement in the supply chain for raw materials and purchased components, we do expect some supply chain constraints to periodically occur during fiscal 2023 and for our margins to continue to be impacted by inflationary pricing conditions,” said David W. Johnson, Chief Financial Officer. “Our balance sheet and healthy cash position continue to provide us with the flexibility and resources necessary to invest in strategic opportunities to strengthen the business, while consistently paying dividends to shareholders.”

The Company will host a conference call and audio web cast at 11:00 a.m. Eastern Time on Friday, December 9, 2022. A live listen-only web cast of the conference call may be accessed here. A replay of the call will be available for 30 days on the Internet.

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(thousands, except per share amounts)        
Operating results September 30, 2022 October 1, 2021 September 30, 2022 October 1, 2021
Net sales $ 196,389   $ 166,260   $ 743,355   $ 751,651  
Cost of sales   127,782     97,930     472,023     417,526  
Gross profit   68,607     68,330     271,332     334,125  
Operating expenses   55,285     54,739     205,022     222,842  
Operating profit:   13,322     13,591     66,310     111,283  
Interest income, net   (432 )   (85 )   (654 )   (221 )
Other expense (income), net   1,909     3,149     8,076     (1,418 )
Profit before income taxes   11,845     10,527     58,888     112,922  
Income tax expense   2,192     3,601     14,397     29,541  
Net income $ 9,653   $ 6,926   $ 44,491   $ 83,381  
Weighted average common shares outstanding – Dilutive   10,166     10,139     10,151     10,120  
Net income per common share – Diluted $ 0.95   $ 0.68   $ 4.37   $ 8.21  
Segment Results        
Net sales:        
Fishing $ 152,338   $ 110,637   $ 526,582   $ 553,000  
Camping   13,575     18,726     70,355     62,921  
Watercraft Recreation   8,459     16,509     67,940     66,603  
Diving   21,988     20,466     78,874     69,447  
Other / Eliminations   29     (78 )   (396 )   (320 )
Total $ 196,389   $ 166,260   $ 743,355   $ 751,651  
Operating profit (loss):        
Fishing $ 21,267   $ 14,937   $ 65,433   $ 122,490  
Camping   548     3,950     13,415     14,025  
Watercraft Recreation   (1,415 )   1,844     6,173     9,173  
Diving   631     1,146     4,705     1,530  
Other / Eliminations   (7,709 )   (8,286 )   (23,416 )   (35,935 )
Total $ 13,322   $ 13,591   $ 66,310   $ 111,283  
Balance Sheet Information(End of Period)        
Cash and cash equivalents     $ 129,803   $ 240,448  
Accounts receivable, net       91,919     71,321  
Inventories, net       248,649     166,615  
Total current assets       480,316     491,264  
Total assets       679,931     674,287  
Total current liabilities       114,713     137,570  
Shareholders’ equity       488,014     458,505  
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VP & Chief Financial Officer VP – Marketing Services & Global Communications
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