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Guernsey State Park

After a stressful few years, Platte County’s abundance of wide open spaces filled with serene tranquility and natural beauty is the perfect antidote. This unique area in Wyoming’s southwestern region includes five small towns with more than 140 sparkling rivers and lakes, two beautiful state parks and plenty of outdoor recreation and adventure. And let’s not forget to mention the wildlife – bald eagles, bighorn sheep and white-tailed deer, anyone?

Escape the city and enjoy the fresh air

“We are an escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life,” said Shawna Reichert, executive director of the Platte County Chamber of Commerce. “Platte County is a place to come and catch your breath.”

If you’re unfamiliar with Platte County, you’re not alone. According to Reichert, Wyoming’s western side typically gets the most national media attention. But this hidden gem won’t stay that way for long. “You could spend a week vacation in Platte County without doing or seeing the same things,” Reichert said. “Whatever interests you, you’ll find it here.”

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History buffs will appreciate Platte’s status as a hub of the Oregon Trail. “It’s so humbling to go where our ancestors walked and see the deep ruts left by the wagons as they headed west,” Reichert said. Then there’s Register Cliff, an important landmark during the height of the western movement in the mid-18th century, where emigrants carved their names into the soft sandstone cliffs to let those who followed know that their predecessors had made it this far.

Guernsey Register Cliff Names.jpeg

Guernsey register cliff

Photo provided by Platte County in Wyoming

Four seasons of outdoor adventure

When it comes to outdoor activities, Platte County delivers no matter the season. Wintertime means ice fishing, snowshoeing and big tire biking on a variety of trails. In spring and summer there is an abundance of activities for those looking to enjoy the warm weather. At Glendo State Park and Guernsey State Park, you can hike charmingly named trails like Porcupine Trail, Two Moon Loop and Tin Can. If you want to express your inner cowboy or cowgirl and experience the western spirit of the area, try horseback riding. Golf enthusiasts will enjoy the tree-lined fairways at Wheatland Golf Club, as well as Guernsey’s Trail Ruts Golf Course, which happens to be the only golf course on the Oregon Trail.

Adrenaline activities for thrill-seekers abound

With so many waterways, water sports like boating, skiing, kayaking, and swimming are a given. For those looking for an extra thrill, get your heart pumping with cliff jumping. “There is nothing more beautiful than this leap into the middle of nowhere,” said Reichert. If you’re looking for a more relaxed adventure, opt for a leisurely 1-hour cruise down the North Platte River, which offers easy access to a beautiful beach. Would you like to do it again? Continue; You will no doubt have company.

When you’re done with your adventures, eat in a historic Wild West town

Chugwater Soda Fountain storefront.jpeg

Chugwater Soda Fountain

Photo provided by Platte County in Wyoming

After a day of activities, you will probably work up an appetite. Luckily, Platte County offers a wide variety of dining options. The oldest operating soda fountain in Wyoming, Chugwater Soda Fountain offers old-fashioned ice cream treats in an equally nostalgic setting. According to Reichert, the hand-dipped milkshakes are a must for visitors passing through.

Heartier appetizers won’t want to be missed at Hartville’s Miners & Stockman’s Steakhouse, the state’s oldest bar, which according to many serves the best steaks in the country. The restaurant’s old mining and wild west town setting only adds to the already unique dining experience.

Hartville Miner's Steakhouse v2.jpeg

Hartville Miners Steakhouse

Photo provided by Platte County in Wyoming

As you explore Platte County, you’ll likely find yourself chatting to the area locals, who can’t help but offer their own recommendations. It’s the kind of place where community is everything, whether you call Platte County home or not, Reichert said, “When you come to Platte County, you become part of our community.”

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