Kelty Low Loveseat Tenting Chair Assessment


Finding a comfortable, reliable camp chair is unreasonably difficult. Most affordable options that you can pick up at your local REI or Amazon for under $50 are difficult to unfold, difficult to carry, and begin to fall apart after just a few trips into the woods. However, as an outdoor gear editor and avid camper, I believe that a great camp chair is one of the most overlooked things in making camping a remarkably more enjoyable experience.

Think about it: your camp chair is not only what you will spend hours by the campfire, but also your breathing space to relax after a long day of hiking or driving. Your camp chair should be just as comfortable, if not more so, than your sleeping pad or mattress. And yet almost every camp chair I’ve ever tried has been disappointing, leaving my campsite just one point away from being the perfect getaway.

When my partner and I stopped at Moab’s outdoor gear store last spring after our cheap camp chairs broke and we plopped down into a display of Kelty’s cozy two-person camp couch, the Low Loveseat Camping Chair, I found myself handing over my credit card again within three minutes. (And spoiler alert: I’m not the only fan; the editors at Travel + Leisure have voted my current favorite as the best two-person camp chair tested.)

To buy:, $140

Kelty’s Low Loveseat Camp Chair may not be the most compact item, but it is by far the most comfortable camp chair I have ever sat in. It’s ideal if you’re camping with a partner, friend or your pup (since it can hold up). up to 500 pounds), and it’s so well designed I can say it might just be the best camp chair ever. The latter is a big selling point if you like to travel alone with your pup, as you can stretch out to have the couch to yourself, curl up with your dog and have a spare seat if friends come along.

If I share the love seat with a partner on a regular basis, well to be honest I thought I would hate this design. I like personal space, especially when I’m dirty and tired. But each of the two joined seats is roomy and oversized, so you often don’t even touch the person sitting next to you. In fact, it’s roomy enough for my 70 pound dog to squeeze between me and my partner for some real campfire snuggling time with the family.

Kelty’s Low Loveseat’s biggest selling point, however, is that it sits low, just over a foot off the ground (13.5 inches). This and the roomy seats make the chair so comfortable – when you’ve been hiking or traveling all day, you can flop into this low couch to stretch your legs and truly relax like a couch. Personally, I’ve never been able to find that kind of relaxation in upright camping chairs that require your feet to hang 90 degrees.

Kelty continued this theme of luxurious comfort in every detail: the 600D polyester covering the seat is lightly padded and insulated, adding to the lush feel. The back of the chair is high enough to cradle your head, even for my 6 foot partner. The adjustable armrests are extra wide and do not slip when you put the weight of your whole arm on them. And the cup holders are perhaps my favorite feature. There are two per side, which is nice if you’re having two drinks at the same time or want to keep both your cup and phone close by. One of the holders is also oversized to accommodate larger coffee mugs or water bottles.

Aside from how comfortable this chair is, the design also feels incredibly durable. The steel frame deploys smoothly and feels reliable under the ground, while the durable polyester seats are both comfortable to sit on and stand up to the elements. Mine has a few burns from windy campfire embers, but otherwise the material is pretty much intact, despite my dog ​​scratching at it. We also use this loveseat on our covered porch at home when we’re not camping, and it retains both its color despite exposure to the sun and the integrity of the metal through some elements.

This chair comes with a carry bag that it folds down to 41″ x 12″ 12″ – about the size of a small rug, rolled. The bag has a single backpack strap that slings across the back fairly comfortably and definitely helps haul the 15lb chair (although I wouldn’t hike more than a quarter mile with it). When you’re ready to pack, the chair folds up and the feet slip into a small pocket on the inside of the tote bag. The suitcase is then wrapped around the chair and locked with three sturdy buckles. Overall, the process is incredibly easy to do yourself, taking about two minutes and making the cumbersome accessory much easier to move and load.

My only reservation about this chair is that it is definitely best suited for people without physical disabilities. While the carrying case makes carrying the chair a lot easier, the 15-pound load still requires a bit of strength and coordination. And the low-down design might be difficult for some to get in and out of, like my 75-year-old father-in-law.


To buy:, $140

While the Kelty Low Loveseat makes sitting around a campfire eons more comfortable – not to mention eons more romantic if you want to create a cozy vibe under the stars with your partner, I also love how versatile this chair is outside of camping . As I mentioned earlier, I keep this love seat at home on my porch for afternoon cocktails or card games because it’s as comfortable – if not more – than any porch furniture I could snag for the same price. My dog ​​also loves to sit in it alone and bask in the sun (yes it’s as cute as it sounds).

This chair is also ideal for outdoor concerts or music festivals as the lower profile means you don’t block people behind you. Above all, it’s really inviting for social situations – a friend can sit next to you to relax or have an intimate conversation without invading your personal space. It’s worth noting, however, that Kelty has just released a three-person version of this chair, the Lowdown Couch, which is only slightly bulkier but just as comfortable with a full third seat. This version is ideal if you have children, more than one dog, partner, or frequent music festivals.

As for the Low Loveseat camp chair, the price is also impressive considering most individual camp chairs of this quality and comfort range from $60 to $100 each. Kelty is known for making durable outdoor products with a luxurious feel at a reasonable price, and $140 for what I call “the best camp chair” that fits two is no exception.

At the time of publication, the price was $140.

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