Kick-Begin 2022 by Having fun with the Outside With First Day Hikes at Extra Than 40 California State Parks


California State Parks invites Californians and visitors from around the world to start the New Year healthy by getting some fresh air and enjoying the great outdoors with the annual First Day Hikes on January 1, 2022.

More than 40 state parks and over 50 guided hikes are held across the state as part of this nationally-led First Day Hikes Program initiative, which encourages individuals and families to experience the beautiful natural and cultural resources in nature, so they let you Let go get inspired to use these treasures all year round.

“First day hikes are a great opportunity to improve physical, mental, and social health, and what could be better than starting the New Year than connecting with nature,” said Armando Quintero, director of California State Park. “The state’s iconic and beautiful outdoor spaces encourage healthy, affordable, physical, and social activities. Join staff, faculty, and volunteers, as well as other outdoor enthusiasts, to say hello to 2022. “

Dedicated faculty, volunteers, and staff will show visitors some of the wonders of California’s state parks by hiking along giant sequoias, magnificent sequoias, or even paddling along the iconic coastline. Distance and severity vary depending on the hike / activity, so visitors are advised to review the details of start times and the description of the hikes. Attendees can find the updated list of state parks at Additional parking units can be added as they become available.

Some of the participating parks are:

Visitors also have the option to participate digitally by downloading the California State Parks mobile app, which allows users to participate in a check-in challenge, post their progress, and share photos. The app operated by OuterSpatial offers hiking information, route details and more. Visitors can download the app here.

State Parks welcomes visitors – whether seasoned outdoor enthusiasts or newbies – to California’s park trails, beaches, mountains, and deserts, but encourages them to relax responsibly. “Know Before You Go” by reading the latest COVID-19 guidelines and additional safety tips.

Visitors are encouraged to share their experience on social media using the hashtags # HikeInto2022, #FirstDayHikes, and #CAStateParks.

California State Parks cares for the health, inspiration, and education of the California people by helping conserve the state’s exceptional biodiversity, protecting its most precious natural and cultural resources, and creating opportunities for quality outdoor recreation.