Kids climbing on Cauldron Cliffs at Runswick Bay minutes earlier than rock fall


CHILDREN climbed cliffs on the North Yorkshire coast minutes before part of them fell into the sea, the coastguard revealed.

The team became aware of the young people’s activities on Friday evening through a social media post and immediately went to the scene of the crime.

The children were climbing the notoriously dangerous Cauldron Cliffs in Runswick Bay, and shortly thereafter about 10 tons fell on the same section of cliff.

A Staithes Coastguard spokesman said: “If you see anyone in danger on the beach or cliffs please do not waste valuable minutes posting this on social media. Call 999 and ask for the Coast Guard immediately.

“These minutes can stop a risky situation and escalate into a larger incident involving injury or loss of life.”

“You will never be criticized for calling the Coast Guard in good faith to a situation that you believe may be dangerous. Nobody’s life is worth likes on social media.”

By the time the Staithes Coastguard rescue team arrived, the children had made their way to safety, where a parent gave them strict safety instructions.

The team then had to go straight to a family near Pennysteel who were at risk of being cut off by the rising tide. A member of the public had alerted them to their danger, and they struggled to safety just before the flood.