Kitchen Group Concepts – Command Strips, Hooks


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We all know about it 3M Command products and their set of adhesive strips and hooks that you can stick anywhere and remove later without damaging the walls. They’re game changers for renters or anyone who really doesn’t want to break out the drill when you need a little extra storage.

Here are a handful of brilliant ways you can use them in your kitchen to help solve some of life’s little problems and problems.

2. If you have pretty pot holders, make them part of your decor by hanging them on adhesive hooks on the backsplash for a pop of color. Bonus: No need to search a drawer for an oven mitt when your cooking timer rings.

3. If you have one of those trash cans that suck up plastic bags, CNET recommends gluing a command hook on each side to hold the liner in place instead of sinking into the bin.

4. Use hooks to hang pots to grow herbs for your own vegetable garden. It will set them apart from the counter and take full advantage of the window light.

5. If you find that you use a particular measuring cup almost exclusively for dishing out rice or flour, add a command hook to the outside of the canister and start keeping your measuring cup with the canister.

6. Keep your food wrapper out of your drawers by attaching parchment paper and aluminum foil to the inside of your cabinet doors.

7. Do you have an empty space in your kitchen? use hook to hold cleaning tools and supplies and anything else you want to have within reach.

8. An ingenious way to free up kitchen space: Use command hook to hold colanders and other cooking utensils. By choosing detachable hooks, Gina made The Shabby Creek Cottage avoided drilling into the tiles in their kitchen.

13. If you’re tired of seeing a bunch of accessories floating around in your utensil drawer, hang them up and get them out of the way.

14. Sherry of Young house love Fame hung a clipboard in their closets where they kept recipes, coupons, and take-out menus.