“Spending time outdoors — whether it’s traveling through the backcountry or exploring your local campground — can be transformative, which is why our partnership with Camping to Connect is so important,” he said Cory Thol, President, Klymit. “The limited edition Navigator collection not only celebrates the natural elements that guide adventures big and small, but inspires the level of self-discovery, confidence-building and memory-forming that only the outdoors can take place. We’re proud to support an organization dedicated to making meaningful outdoor experiences possible for young people.”

The Navigator collection includes the entire Klymit product line. From the Coast Travel Pillow to the Cross Canyon Tent, consumers can infuse the origins of navigation into their camping decor through unique constellation and topography patterns.

The limited edition Navigator Collection gear includes:

  • Cross Canyon Tent – $209.99$289.99 RRP
  • Wild aspen 20 Rectangular Sleeping Bag – $109.99 RRP
  • cross hammock – $64.99$99.99 RRP
  • Static V-Sleeping Pad – $64.99 RRP
  • Horizon Travel Blanket – $64.99 RRP
  • Luxe Camping Pillow – $49.99 RRP
  • Hydra Drinkware by ORCA (22 ounces) – $38.00 RRP
  • Roamer Throwsheet (regular) – $29.99 RRP
  • Pillow X – $26.99 RRP
  • V-seat – $17.99 RRP
  • Coast Travel Pillow – $17.99 RRP

Camping to Connect is a Black, Indigenous and Colored (BIPOC) led experiential mentoring program. The nonprofit organization uses nature-based outdoor recreation to address the diverse issues faced by the youthful BIPOC community.

“Growing up without regular contact with nature has effects that linger into adulthood,” he said Manny Almonte, Founder, Camping to Connect. “Research shows a strong correlation between lack of natural experiences and mental health. We are grateful to Klymit for bringing the spotlight to this important cause and helping fund initiatives that are having a lasting impact on our nation’s BIPOC youth.

For more information about Camping to Connect, visit www.CampingToConnect.com.

Klymit is part of the Gathr Outdoors family of brands dedicated to making time outdoors more comfortable and convenient. For more information about Klymit and the Navigator Collection, visit Klymit.com. For more information about Gathr Outdoors, visit www.GathrOutdoors.com.

About Klymit

Klymit is a leading manufacturer of lightweight and comfortable yet durable outdoor sleep gear and part of the Gathr Outdoors family of brands. The company is headquartered in Kaysville, Utah and was conceived on the idea that the outdoor sleeping experience can be enhanced through innovative technologies. For more information about Klymit, visit: www.Klymit.com.

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