L.A. Metropolis Council votes to implement anti-camping ban throughout Northeast L.A. websites | Homeless


Los Angeles City Council today voted to enforce its anti-camping law in 58 new locations, including numerous camps in northeast LA, with two councilors voting against the resolutions.

The five resolutions passed today allow enforcement at 27 additional locations in Councilor Gil Cedillo’s district, 22 locations in Councilor Joe Buscaino’s district and seven locations in Councilor Kevin de Leon district.

Law LAMC 41.18, which came into effect September 3, prohibits sleeping, sitting, camping and preventing public rights of way within 150 meters of “sensitive” facilities, including schools, daycare, parks and libraries.

Some of the locations in Borough 1 of Cedillo are:

  • Albion Riverside Park – Lincoln Heights
  • Avenue 35 ave between Verdugo Road and Eagle Rock Boulevard
  • Carlota Boulevard between Ave 45 and Ave 44
  • Cypress Park Recreation Center
  • Debs Park – Hermon / Montecito Heights
  • Downey Park Pool – Lincoln Heights
  • Elysian Park – Echo Park / Solano Canyon
  • Greayor’s Oak Mini Park – Mount Washington
  • Lincoln Heights Recreation Center
  • Rio De Los Angeles Park – Cypress Park
  • Sycamore Grove Park – Highland Park
  • Veterans Square on York Blvd and N. Figueroa St. – Highland Park

Some additional locations in De Leons Council District 14 are:

  • 6152 North Figueroa Street
  • Broadway and Glendale Freeway

It can be enforced once the Council has taken a decision to designate a specific area for enforcement, put up signage and indicate the date on which the regulation will be enforced for the area. The ordinance should also go hand in hand with street engagement and accommodation offers for the people who live in the location selected for enforcement.

Los Angeles Councilor Nithya Raman and Councilor Mike Bonin both voted against the ordinance and all enforcement decisions since the ordinance was passed. On Wednesday, Bonin again expressed his opposition to the regulation on Twitter, saying:

“Many people – including my political opponents – are demanding that I support and enforce laws in ever larger parts of our city that criminalize sitting and lying down. “But these laws are bringing us back, making us less safe and making homelessness worse.”

Ahead of Wednesday’s vote, he urged councilors to suspend enforcement of the regulation amid the current surge in coronavirus cases fueled by the Omicron variant, noting that it is pushing people into collective shelters where the virus spreads. Councilor Paul Koretz said he felt it would be “wise” for councilors not to enforce resolutions during the Omicron surge.

Councilor Kevin de Leon said the locations in his district included in today’s resolutions would not be enforced immediately.

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