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#LanderBiz: ‘Window’ of alternative discovered to make use of mountaineering abilities in commerce job


#landerbiz, presented by the Chamber of Commerce of the States, shares the stories of local makers and makers of our Fremont County’s economy.

(Lander, WY) – What started as a high school summer vacation gig eventually led to Tate Boley, now 28, becoming a professional window cleaner.

He recently founded Tate’s Window Washing, which currently serves the Lander and Riverton areas. Specialized in residential and commercial window cleaning, hard water removal, screen cleaning and more.

He grew up near the Sun Valley resort in Idaho and was no stranger to heights as his climbing parents wore him in a harness from a young age.

Tate says cleaning windows is more dangerous than climbing, but there are many crossover skills.

“When you are climbing, you mustn’t be afraid or you don’t focus on your body. You have to be in the zone – stay calm and don’t think too hard. “

The same attitude applies to standing on a ladder and cleaning windows, he shared. “Ladder work is balancing, just like climbing.”

Part of Tate’s ability to concentrate while washing windows is listening to music that ranges from jazz to techno. “Everything without texts,” he remarked. He learned that from a former boss who always listened to the opera in order to concentrate.

He also looks at the art forms of window cleaning and climbing. Note that both are meticulous and require someone else to learn to hone the skills.

With his many years of experience, he can complete most of the houses in half a day. He has to see the building before washing and offers free estimates to those in his Riverton and Lander area.

He bids on Mondays and Fridays and washes Tuesday-Thursday.

He has his own equipment and uses Mrs. Meyers for cleaning as it works very well and is free of harmful chemicals.

Those interested in a quote can call Tate at (208) 721-7677 or email them at [email protected]



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