Landro Classica, the oldest crag in Höhlensteintal within the Dolomites


Daniel Rogger introduces Landro Classica, the oldest crag in Höhlensteintal / Valle di Landro. From 27 to 29 May 2022 this valley will host the Dolorock Climbing Festival, the international climbing meeting of the Dolomites

Landro Classica is the oldest crag in the Höhlensteintal, developed back in the 1980’s
in particular by local climbed Kurt Stauder and his friends. With grades ranging from 4b to 8b+, a short approach and a huge choice of routes, this is always a highly popular

It’s interesting to note that Stauder was a strong climber and mountain guide who, back in the day, had climbed with Wolfgang Güllich. At the time the German powerhouse had already climbed several 8a’s and since Stauder recognised that Güllich was a far better climber, he graded his hardest routes no harder than 7c. Nowadays some of those early creations are considered solid 8a+…

All the crags in the Landro Valley are located in the Natural park (Tre Cime – Dolomiti di Braies). Please respect the following simple guidelines!
– Do not leave any rubbish at the crags or on the paths. This also applies to cigarette butts!
– Camping and lighting fires in the park is forbidden.
– Be respectful towards nature in general.
– Human waste: if you need to poop, leave no trace.

1. Landro Classica
2. Landro Höhlen
3. Dürensee / Lago di Landro
4. Balkonien
5. Geierwand
6. Rienztal
8. Franchi
9. Militärklettergarten
10. Stube

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Dolorock Climbing Festival 
Organised since 2013 by Gamatzn, the South Tyrolean climbing club that brings together climbers and mountaineers of Val Pusteria, Dolorock aims to use climbing to overcome linguistic, cultural and geographical barriers. The meeting is designed welcome diversity, promote tolerance and nurture critical discussions on issues related to climbing and mountaineering

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